Competing on the regional scene throughout Europe, Younes Najid had a rough start to his professional career, but he now finds himself entering this fight with a 6-5 record, with four victories in his last five fights. A striking specialist, Najid most recently fought in October 2022, scoring a first-round submission of Alix JeanGuillaume. Najid’s twin brother, Yassin, will be competing later tonight in a PFL Europe regular season bout.


A jiu-jitsu specialist, Kevin Del enters this fight with two wins in his last five fights. Del, who has fought all across Europe, though has fought sparingly since his professional MMA debut in 2012, most recently fought last June, losing to Alexis Fontes.


Who will come out on top in this event-opening PFL middleweight showcase?



Round 1


Both men come out to the center of the SmartCage. Powerful low kicks from Najid to start off. Del tries to land one of his own, but Najid backs up. Del gets it on the second try. Front kick by Najid, followed by a low kick. Front kick by Najid, but he misses a high kick attempt. The two lock up, with Najid getting to Del’s back. Del goes down and rolls, and he gets a heel hook! Najid taps out!



What an impressive maneuver by Del!





Kevin Del def. Younes Najid via first-round submission (heel hook, 1:10)