Just like that, it’s main event time already! Kaytlin Neil meets Katherine Corogenes in our final Flyweight clash of the evening with a PFL contract on the line.  Kaytlin Neil competed on season 30 of The Ultimate Fighter and has also fought for Bellator, while Corogenes’ only career loss came to super prospect Dakota Ditcheva in a PFL Showcase bout last year.  Both of these women believe they can be the face of the PFL Flyweight division, so let’s get to the action.


Round 1 


The fighters touch gloves and our main event is underway as Neil begins probing with her jab and inside low kicks.  Both fighters continue looking to find the range as Neil closes distance and pummels for double underhooks along the SmartCage as both fighters trade knees inside.


It looks like Neil is bleeding from her upper left face now as Corogenes is blasting short punches inside in the clinch.  It’s still Neil with the dominant position but she’s not doing a ton of damage with it halfway through the round.


Neil is starting to put some more offense together as she continues to wear on Corogenes against the SmartCage.  With a minute remaining, Neil breaks and lands a nice right hand on the exit but her eye is not looking great.


Corogenes catches a front kick from Neil and presses it to the SmartCage herself but there’s nothing doing there as Neil quickly reverses and lands a short right hand to end the round.


Round 2 


Excellent work by the cutman to close up the cut on Neil’s face as Corogenes comes out a bit more aggressive in this round, fighting behind a sidekick and a low kick.  Corogenes checks a low kick and lands a nice counter right and over the top and Neil is bleeding once again.


Neil is once again grinding Corogenes along the fence but she’ll need to do some more damage.  Neil lands a nice knee to the body before Corogenes finally manages to break the position and return to the center of the SmartCage.

Corogenes unloads a barrage on Neil and Neil returns fire with an axe kick and we’ve got a barn burner on our hands as Corogenes lands a heavy low kick as the round winds down.


Round 3


Our final round of the evening is underway with a PFL contract on the line and both women are coming forward and throwing offense seemingly well aware of what’s at stake here. Corogenes catches Neil with a thumb to the eye and surprisingly the ref will take a point with no prior warning.




This is a brand new fight now, and Corogenes almost definitely needs a finish.  Neil looks to grapple but Corogenes fights it off and shortly thereafter they reverse roles with Corogenese shooting and Neil reversing position.


Corogenes continues to land a nice outside low kick and jab and the ref gives one more warning for an eye poke.  With 90 seconds left Neil lands a BIG front kick right to the chin of Corogenes! Neil has to know a finish is her best path to a PFL contract but Neil quickly gets a takedown and takes the back of Corogenes!


Neil has the rear naked choke in but Corogenes is able to explode out of the choke right as the round ends, what a fight!




Kaytlin Neil gets the job done against a short notice opponent and will be eligible for a PFL contract!


Kaytlin Neil def. Katherine Corogenes via Unanimous Decision (29-27 3x)