Kasum Kasumov has a very disciplined background, having trained at the Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov school. The Combat Sambo specialist has been effective, as seen through his 15-1 record with 12 finishes. Kasumov made his Bellator debut in a big way at Bellator 298, scoring a split decision win over Josh Hill.


Matheus Mattos has been quite the tough competitor, showcasing striking prowess through his Muay Thai background. Mattos, who has 12 finishes in his 14 victories, is 2-1 in the Bellator cage. He most recently fought at Bellator 301, submitting Richard Palencia.


Who will capture the next title shot at Bellator bantamweight champion Patchy Mix in this #1 contender’s match?



Round 1


Mattos fires off a combination to start things off. Round kick from Mattos is blocked. Left hand from Mattos. Low kick from Kasumov. Kasumov foes for a takedown, but Mattos defends it. Front kick from Kasumov. Kasumov gets inside and lands a knee. Mattos gets Kasumov’s back to the fence. Kasumov reverses the position. The fight goes to the ground with Mattos on top. Kasumov trying to press Mattos to the fence. Mattos looks to jump to the back, but he loses his position. Knee by Kasumov. The two get off the fence. Round kick by Mattos. The two clash, and Mattos complains of a head clash, but no time out is called. Kasumov brings him back to the cage and scores the takedown. Kasumov lands a few shots.


Mattos goes for a triangle choke or triangle armbar, but Kasumov is able to work through it. Mattos looking to be active from his guard. Kasumov scores a takedown on Mattos again. Mattos tries to set up a triangle. Mattos lets it go after a few seconds, not wanting to lose energy. Mattos getting back to his feet, but Kasumov still has his back. Mattos rolls through and the two return to their feet. Knee by Mattos. Both men are cut and they are firing off shots! Mattos trying to set low kicks up. Mattos lands body shots.



Round 2


Front kick by Kasumov. Low kick by Mattos, but he slips. Kasumov jumps down and he’s targeting the neck. Kasumov gets to the back. Mattos looking for one of Kasumov’s legs. He’s looking for a leg lock! Mattos loses it. Right hand and a left from Kasumov. Kasumov now in Mattos’s guard. Kasumov looking for a choke of some kind, looking to put pressure on Mattos’s neck. Mattos lands some right hands to the back of Kasumov.


Kasumov working from the top. Kasumov looking for an arm-triangle. Kasumov nearly passes the guard to get into side control, but Mattos manages to adjust. Mattos looking for a guillotine choke, but Kasumov is too high in the guard for it to work. Kasumov creates space and manages to get to Mattos’s back. Mattos rolls through, but Kasumov still is on top. Kasumov passes into side control. Kasumov still trying to work with the arm-triangle. Mattos manages to reverse and put pressure on Kasumov in the closing seconds.



Round 3


The two trading at the start of the final round. Kasumov scores a takedown and gets right back to Mattos’s back. Mattos makes his way back to his feet. Mattos tries to step over, but Kasumov brings him right back to the mat. Kasumov trying to get back to the arm-triangle again. Mattos with a couple of right hands to the side. Kasumov on top and in control. Mattos gives up his back. Kasumov lands a couple of knees and brings him back to the ground.


Mattos has his guard up. Mattos lands a couple of punches. Kasumov lands a right hand. Mattos looking for the triangle again. Kasumov landing some ground-and-pound. Kasumov landing a couple of shots and looking to get around the guard. Kasumov working now in half-guard. Kasumov delivering some more ground-and-pound. Mattos kicks Kasumov off with a minute left in the fight, but Kasumov jumps right back on him. The fight goes next to the fence, and Kasumov has back control of Mattos standing. Kasumov landing a couple of knees to the legs. Kasumov scored another takedown. Mattos trying to take the back of Kasumov again, but Kasumov is just too dominant in his grappling.


And it’s Kasumov who will get a future shot against Patchy Mix!





Kasum Kasumov def. Matheus Mattos via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)