A judo medalist from the Netherlands at both the national and international level, Lizzy Gevers has an extensive grappling background, thanks to her jiu-jitsu and judo training. A training partner of Germaine de Randamie, Gevers is 4-1, with two wins coming by submission. Though she dropped her PFL Europe debut to Valentina Scatizzi, Gevers won her most recent bout in March, defeating Dee Begley.


Known as “The Polish Assassin”, Karolina Wojcik is a former regional strawweight champion and has competed in notable promotions around the world. The 16-fight veteran has 11 wins, though she enters with three losses in her five most recent fights. Wojcik most recently fought in March, dropping a decision to Jacinta Austin.


Who will move on to face Paulina Wisniewska in the PFL Europe playoffs?



Round 1


The two go straight into the clinch, with both women landing leg kicks. Gevers landing a couple of knees, as Wojcik pins her against the fence. The two jockeying for position as Gevers appears to be looking for a throw. Gevers gets Wojcik’s back to the fence. Wojcik, however, reverses and gets to Gevers’s back in a standing position. The referee warns for more activity. Wojcik has a tight body lock despite her back against the fence. Wojcik reverses the position. Knee to the body by Gevers. Gevers’s leg locked between Wojcik’s as they jockey for position.


The referee separates and they go straight back into a clinch battle. Wojcik has Gevers against the fence. Gevers landing inside where she can. Wojcik with a shoulder strike. Gevers continuing to try and land to the body or land foot stomps. Knee by Wojcik. Gevers with an uppercut and a hook. Gevers gets the trip, and Wojcik looks to get out of a scarfhold and onto her knees. Gevers looks for an armbar but can’t get much of it. Gevers with a throw, but Wojcik is quick to get back to her feet. Wojcik has Gevers pressed against the fence.



Round 2


Wojcik starts with a good right hand. Small combination by Gevers. Right hand by Wojcik. Gevers with a left hand. Gevers pumping the jab out. Gevers misses a high kick. Right hand by Wojcik. One-two by Gevers is met with a right to the body by Wojcik. Wojcik trying to do some dirty boxing. A clinch up, with Wojcik in control but Gevers pressing Wojcik up against the fence. Gevers landing to the body in the clinch. Wojcik reverses the position, and the two trade knees.


Gevers gets Wojcik’s back to the fence again as the referee warns for more action. More knees from both women. After a last warning from the referee, they separate. Wojcik pressures, only for her to pin Gevers against the fence again. The referee separates the two with 20 seconds left in the round. Knee to the head by Gevers. The two trade a bit before the horn.



Round 3


Both women land a punch and try to take clinch control. Right hand by Gevers. Left hand misses for Gevers. Gevers runs into a jab. Right hand over the top lands for Wojcik. Right hand by Gevers. Big right hand by Wojcik. Gevers throws a one-two. Wojcik goes over the top. Body kick by Gevers. One-two by Gevers.


Battle in the clinch again, and Gevers again has Wojcik’s back against the fence. Wojcik lands a couple of knees to the body of Gevers. Wojcik lands to the legs with knees. Gevers answers back, and Wojcik’s knees don’t seem to be doing much. Gevers gets Wojcik up and gets a throw. Wojcik quickly gets back to her feet. Wojcik with a double jab. The two do some swinging away before the final horn.





Karolina Wojcik defeats Lizzy Gevers by unanimous decision (29-28x3), advancing to the 2024 PFL Europe Women’s Flyweight Playoffs.