For Bubba Jenkins, one of the most recognizable faces in the PFL, it’s always been a case of bridesmaid but never the bride. He has constantly been one of the top performers at the 145-pound weight class but has fallen short in the playoffs, including in the championship fight in 2022 against Brendan Loughnane. The former NCAA All-American and regional Featherweight Champion, sporting a 21-7 record, competes here for the first time since being upset by Jesus Pinedo in the featherweight playoffs last season.


Starting his professional MMA career in 2012, Kai Kamaka had a successful start to his career before joining Bellator in 2018, going on to have two stints in the promotion and going a combined 6-2-1. The Xtreme Couture product has won three straight and four of his last five. Kamaka most recently fought at Bellator 300, scoring a decision over Henry Corrales.



Round 1


High kick from Jenkins to start things off. Left hand from Kamaka. Another body kick from Jenkins. Jenkins chases Kamaka down but can’t get the takedown. Kamaka lands a couple of leg kicks. Jenkins fires one in return. Kamaka with a left hand. Jenkins tries to come in and presses Kamaka against the SmartCage. Kamaka lands a knee. Both men land low kicks. Body blow by Jekins. Low kick is missed by Jenkins. Double jab and cross by Jenkins lands. Both men trading kicks two minutes into the round.



A clinch position briefly sees both men land inside. Kamaka goes with a right hand to the body. Left hand and a right from Jenkins. Another left from Jenkins. Kamaka avoids another Jenkins takedown attempt. Both men land a body kick. Left hand by Jenkins. Low kick is missed. The two trading low kicks. Kamaka continuing the low kick attack. With less than 30 seconds to go, Kamaka seemed to stun Jenkins with a right hand.



Round 2


Left hand from Kamaka. High kick from Kamaka. One-two from Jenkins. A couple of straight rights from Jenkins. Both men land to the body. High kick from Jenkins is blocked. One-two from Kamaka is missed. Hook from Kamaka. Kamaka with a one-two. Jenkins scores a takedown on Kamaka. Kamaka gets Jenkins off and the two trade in the clinch, both landing knees.


Left hand by Jenkins, who is reaching in. Right hand by Kamaka. Kamaka goes for a body lock, but Jenkins shoves him off. Left kick to the legs by Kamaka. Right hand by Kamaka. Another clinch. Jenkins scores a takedown and gets to Kamaka’s back. Jenkins going for a choke. Kamaka stands up and manages to shake Jenkins off, and now he’s the one on top. The fight returns to standing with 40 seconds left in the round. Jenkins lunges in with the left again. Another clinch. Kamaka with a combination before the bell.




Round 3


Jenkins gets back to the low kicks. Left hand by Jenkins. High kick by Jenkins. Jenkins goes in and scores a takedown. Kamaka shoves Jenkins off of him. One-two to the body by Kamaka. Jenkins lands an uppercut. Both men clash with hooks. Jenkins goes for a takedown, but Kamaka avoids it. Kamaka lands a couple of big knees. Uppercut with the right hand has Jenkins wobbled! Kamaka presses Jenkins against the fence. Kamaka with the right hand.


Kamaka lands the three-punch combination. Kamaka continues to land with the left hand. One-two by Kamaka, followed by a push kick. Jenkins lands a right hand. Straight left from Kamaka, and he blocks a kick from Jenkins. Jenkins goes for another takedown, but Kamaka sprawls and gets on top. Hammer fists from Kamaka. Jenkins tries to press Kamaka against the fence as the remaining seconds close down. Right hand from the bottom by Kamaka. Jenkins with a couple of left hands before the bell.





Kai Kamaka III defeats Bubba Jenkins by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) in a featherweight regular season bout