John Mitchell has picked up a lot of momentum over the course of his young career, and he enters tonight with a 7-1 record after winning championships as an amateur. Mitchell, who has won four of his last five, including three straight, defeated Geisym Derouiche in July to advance to tonight’s playoff battle.


But Derouiche will get the opportunity to earn some revenge tonight after Alex Chizov, the initially scheduled opponent for Mitchell tonight, missed weight. Derouiche, who competes in MMA, boxing, and kickboxing, was competing in MMA for the first time in two years when he fought Mitchell this summer. During that absence from the sport, Derouiche went 5-0 in boxing.


Who will advance to take on the winner of Dylan Tuke vs. Jakub Kaszuba in the lightweight championship?



Round 1:


Derouiche comes out right away with a flying knee, but Mitchell manages to avoid it. Mitchell grapples up and looks to wrestle and score a takedown. Mitchell eventually got the takedown, but Derouiche countered and managed to get to Mitchell’s back. Mitchell was scrambling, but Derouiche was keeping pace and landing shots. Mitchell looked to get back to his feet and pin Derouiche against the SmartCage, but Derouiche grabbed the arm and looked for a kimura.



Mitchell got out of Derouiche’s grasp and got in top position, landing shots while in half-guard. Mitchell grabbed a hold of a still-grounded Derouiche, landing a knee to the body. Derouiche got back to his feet but was quickly taken down again by Mitchell. Mitchell ends up back in Derouiche’s guard. Mitchell lands stronger strikes in this position.



Round 2:


Mitchell with a high kick to start things off. The two trading kicks. Derouiche swings with an overhand, but Mitchell changes levels and scores another takedown. Mitchell keeps Derouiche’s leg down and prevents him from changing position. Mitchell is being selective with his punches, even from up top. Derouiche rolls through and gets out of it. Derouiche lands on the body. Mitchell shoots in again and Derouiche’s sprawls, but Mitchell is still able to get the takedown.



Derouiche tries to target Mitchell’s arm, but Mitchell is keeping him down. Position is being limited by the fence nearby. Mitchell is in half-guard and has Derouiche wrapped. Derouiche gets to his feet and trips Mitchell! Derouiche gets to Mitchell’s back briefly, but Mitchell scrambles and gets back into top position! Mitchell remains there as the round comes to a close.



Round 3


Derouiche lands a couple of uppercuts, with Mitchell answering with a left hand. Derouiche misses a punch, and Mitchell scores another takedown. But Derouiche has an arm around Mitchell’s neck! Mitchell gets out of it, however. Mitchell keeps Derouiche pinned to the mat and landing hooks to the head. Mitchell passes side control, and Derouiche attempts a choke but he finds himself back to the mat. Derouiche gets to his knees and gets back to his feet, only for Mitchell to bring him back down.


Derouiche tries to roll, but Mitchell gets right back into guard and keeps himself on top. Mitchell lands some palm strikes upstairs. Derouiche tries to get out of Mitchell’s grasp, but it’s no use. Derouiche getting to his side, but Mitchell keeping a hold of him. The round was nothing but John Mitchell, who now gets to move on to the PFL Europe Championship in his home country.





John Mitchell def. Geisym Derouiche via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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