After a highly successful and title-filled amateur run, Ireland’s John Mitchell is 6-1 since turning pro in 2019. A veteran of UAE Warriors, “The Ripper” enters with four finishes and last fought at MFN 11 in March, scoring a first-round knockout of Srikant Sekhar.


Geisym Derouiche is a triple combat sports competitor, having competed in MMA, kickboxing and boxing as a professional. In fact, Derouiche hasn’t fought in MMA since 2021 because both fights he competed in last year were in the boxing ring, where he has a 5-0 record. Derouiche, who hails from France, has won three straight in MMA, last competing in July 2021, where he scored a decision win over Victor de Lima Verchere.


The winner of this fight will face Alex Chizov during the PFL Playoffs card in Paris on September 30 for the chance to compete for the PFL Europe lightweight title.



Round 1


Mitchell goes in right away for the takedown, pinning Derouiche against the PFL SmartCage. Derouiche gets in the underhooks and stops the takedown, looking for Mitchell’s neck before Mitchell scrambles out of it. The two trade before Mitchell misses a low kick. Mitchell goes in for another takedown attempt, and Derouiche again looks to get in underhooks. Mitchell spins, however, and ends up getting the fight to the ground, with him on top. Mitchell starts to work around Derouiche’s body while in Derouiche’s guard. Derouiche tries to defend, as he ends up against the fence.


Mitchell continues to work over Derouiche, who continues to hold up his guard. Derouiche tries to use the fence, but the referee admonishes him to get his toes out of the fence. Derouiche tries to fight back, but Mitchell makes him eat a combination on the ground. Some more power shots from Mitchell, with there now being one minute left in the round. Mitchell transitions into side control before the end of the round, putting on a dominant display throughout once this fight reached the ground.



Round 2


The two trade and work with their jab, as Mitchell looks to pressure Derouiche against the SmartCage again. It nearly works, but Derouiche stops a first takedown attempt. Mitchell, however, goes for it again and is relentless in his pressure. A minute into the round, however, Mitchell is able to get Derouiche back to the mat. Mitchell has Derouiche up against the fence once more and throws down strikes while in Derouiche’s guard.


Mitchell lands a strong right to the head and mixes up his strikes between those directed at Derouiche’s body and his head. Derouiche is able to sweep, however, and get back in control, and eventually back to his feet. Mitchell continues to press forward, as Derouiche is on the defensive for any incoming takedown attempts. Mitchell pursues Derouiche and is able to grab a single-leg and score one more takedown. Mitchell continues to work over, as Derouiche works his position again, but is again warned for having his toes (and fingers now) in the SmartCage fence. Derouiche is pinned up against the fence again as Mitchell continues to bring down his shots until the horn.



Round 3


The two have another slow start feeling each other out as Derouiche prepares for a takedown. Mitchell does go for one and gets it, but Derouiche is able to scramble quickly and get out of it. About a minute into the final round Mitchell goes for it again, pressing Derouiche against the fence before getting him back down. Derouiche looks for a desperation guillotine, but he doesn’t have it in all the way. Derouiche sweeps and gets on top, but Mitchell reverses and is able to escape the submission attempt.


Mitchell remains in top position, though his output seemed to have slowed compared to his first two rounds. Derouiche has butterfly hooks and his guard up once again, but it’s not much use. Mitchell fires off some shots to try and keep some activity going. Mitchell gets Derouiche to move into an open guard and pressures him on the ground up against the fence. Mitchell continues to rain down shots and the fight will end in his one-sided victory.






John Mitchell def. Geisym Derouiche via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


PFL Europe Lightweight Playoffs:

Alex Chizov vs. John Mitchell

Dylan Tuke vs. Jakub Kaszuba


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