What. A. Night. 

The women’s lightweights put on a show for the celebrity judges and for the fans at home Friday evening at PFL Challenger Series 3. 

Michelle Montague, Jeslen Mishelle, and Jackie Cataline all notched impressive first-round finishes, while Martina Jindrova engaged Jacqueline Cavalcanti in a clear Fight of the Night performance before narrowly squeaking out the split-decision victory. 

That back-and-forth throwdown marked the only fight to see the judges’ scorecards, but was the win good enough to earn Jindrova a fresh PFL contract? 


Following the fights, PFL President and Co-Founder Ray Sefo took the cage to praise all the women for their performances. 

After his words, Sean O’Connell announced the first finalist: Jindrova. 

The second? Mishelle. 

While their performances were undoubtedly impressive, Cataline and Montague were sent home empty-handed following the announcement. 

Then, with those two finalists announced, the decision kicked over to the celebrity judges: Tyron Woodley, Vitor Belfort, and Jarvis Landry

Woodley admitted their decision was not unanimous, but they eventually named their majority pick: Jindrova. 

The fans watching and voting at home had their say next. On a night full of surprises and excitement, you just had to see this one coming. 

The fans pick … Mishelle. 

With a split vote between the celebrity panel and the fans, Sefo holds the tiebreaker. It’s a tough decision, but somebody’s gotta do it, and the man in charge makes the call.

Jindrova wins the night and earns a contract for the 2022 PFL Season. 



  • Jindrova takes home the PFL contract and enters the 2022 PFL Season. 
  • Cataline wins the Columbia Care Move of the Night for her rear-naked choke victory, taking home $5,000.