After a four-year absence from MMA, Dylan Tuke returned to the sport in 2022, scoring a first-round submission of Nicolae Pirogan. Though he lost later that year to Estabili Amato, Tuke scored a unanimous decision over Connor Hughes in July to advance to tonight’s playoff card. Tuke, the 27-year-old known as “The Nuke,” has scored finishes in five of his six bouts.


Tuke will be in for a tough task, however, as he takes on the undefeated Jakub Kaszuba. “The Auditor,” who has trained in various combat styles, including Taekwondo, wrestling, boxing, and kickboxing, has scored six finishes thus far. In July, Kaszuba scored a first-round submission of Maxim Radu.


Who will go on to face John Mitchell in the Lightweight Championship for PFL Europe?



Round 1:


Body kick by Kaszuba, as Tuke starts to bounce around the SmartCage. Kaszuba with a low kick. Kaszuba with another low kick. Combination by Kaszuba, but Tuke comes forward and pins Kaszuba against the fence. Kaszuba lands a couple of knees to the body while grappling with Tuke. The two break off. Tuke with a jab and a low kick. Tuke swings, but Kaszuba ducks and pins Tuke, but Tuke reverses the position near the fence.


Cross lands and grabs Tuke’s attention. High kick by Tuke is blocked. Left hand by Tuke, and Kaszuba looks for a double-leg takedown, but Tuke gets out of the way. Tuke grabs a hold of Kaszuba and gets him near the edge of the SmartCage. Tuke nearly gets the takedown, but Kaszuba barely defends. The two battle along the fence, with Tuke in control. Tuke manages to land a takedown in the closing seconds of the round, but Kaszuba counters and nearly gets a hold of the arm. Tuke counters himself and gets to Kaszuba’s back. Tuke locks in a choke, but there’s not enough time.




Round 2:


The two clash, with Tuke seemingly getting the better of the left hand he landed. Kaszuba chases Tuke down early, but Tuke goes counter-for-counter with Kaszuba against the fence. High kick by Tuke. Kaszuba goes in for a kick, but Tuke grabs a hold and pins him against the fence. Kaszuba lands a strong knee to the head as they battle for control while grappling and standing together, and it causes a nasty cut on Tuke.


While separated, Kaszuba lands a lead uppercut. Kaszuba goes inside, landing an uppercut and a knee. Tuke, however, gets Kaszuba pinned against the fence again. Kaszuba reverses and scores a takedown. Tuke tries to grab a hold of Kaszuba’s wrist, but Kaszuba is planting his weight down on Tuke and landing big shots from up top. Tuke throws up a triangle, but it isn’t doing anything to Kaszuba.



Round 3:


Kaszuba with a combination to start the third. Another uppercut by Kaszuba. Kaszuba changes levels, but Tuke sprawls to stop the takedown attempt. Low kick by Kaszuba, and he follows it with a right hand. Left hook snaps Tuke’s head back. The two battle for positioning against the fence. Right hand lands for Tuke on the separation. One-two by Kaszuba. Round kick by Kaszuba. Tuke pressing Kaszuba, who lands a knee to the body before separation.



Kaszuba lands two right hands on Tuke. Kaszuba works the inside leg, as the two return to a grapple battle for control along the outside of the PFL SmartCage. Kaszuba keeps busy and lands on the inside. Knees to the body by Kaszuba. Round kick by Tuke to the side. A right hand and knee by Kaszuba and Tuke seems hurt. Tuke tries for a takedown, but Kaszuba takes advantage and looks to get to Tuke’s back. Kaszuba gets into mount, and he remains on top for the remainder of the fight.





Jakub Kaszuba def. Dylan Tuke via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


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