A striking specialist, Mickael Groghue lost his first pro fight via disqualification, but he has since won three straight. The brother of 2012 World Series of Boxing champion Ludovic Groghue, Mickael Groghue has scored first-round finishes in all three of his wins, most recently defeating Marcos Matos a year ago.


After scoring knockouts in both of his amateur MMA fights, Islem Masraf turned pro last year. The 2-0 Masraf competes tonight on short notice, having just scored a first-round finish of Mathieu Grondin last month.


With the eyes of fans and PFL officials on them in their native France, who will make an impression in his PFL Europe heavyweight showcase?



Round 1

Groghue slowly paces back and forth on his side of the SmartCage, causing the referee to ask for his attention. Groghue comes out, still plodding and with his hands down. Masrat, meanwhile, comes out to the center and lands a head kick that drops Groghue! Masrat lands a couple of right hands and it’s over already!



A quick night at the office for Islem Masraf, and he tells Dan Hardy that he wants Johnny Eblen!





Islem Masraf defeats Mickael Groguhe by 1st round KO (0:10) in a Heavyweight Showcase bout.