As we keep the action going from Orlando, another pair of undefeated Heavyweights enter the SmartCage in hopes of securing themselves a PFL contract. Confirmed big strong guy Victor Resende will become the tallest fighter to ever compete under the PFL banner at a staggering 6’9”.  Resende boasts a 100% career finish rate and has never had a pro bout enter the third round.  A freak of nature in his own right, Isaiah Pinson was an All-American football player at The Citadel before eventually making the jump to MMA, and he looks to slay a giant and earn himself a PFL contract tonight.


Round 1 


We are underway and the size difference could not be more apparent despite the fact that Pinson is 6’4”.  Resende is using the range well early, fighting behind his jab and landing some nice long knees as we get going here.


Pinson is really struggling to find his range and get in the pocket as Resende just keeps him at bay with the jab and knees up the middle through the wide guard of Pinson.  Pinson lands a nice overhand right followed by an inside leg kick and it seems Pinson is finding the range a little bit now as he pressures Resende into the fence and keeps firing heavy outside low kicks.


Resende goes back to his one-two which has easily been his best combination of the fight three minutes into round 1.  Pinson explodes with a big flurry punctuated by an uppercut as Resende fires back with a one-two and a low kick.  Pinson is doing a good job of making Resende fight his fight so far as he keeps the pressure on and forces Resende to fight off his back foot as Resende lands a nice right uppercut that Pinson answers with an overhand.


Both men are doing great jobs of throwing combinations and not single strikes and mixing things up, seamlessly blending punches, bodywork, and low kicks as Pinson lands a heavy outside calf kick that staggers Resende briefly.


Round 2 


Resende appeared to have some trouble getting off the stool to begin round 2 as those Pinson low kicks may be taking their toll.  Pinson seems to be landing at will now, landing a big left hook with a knee to the ribs behind it and forcing Resende to shoot to get out of danger.


Pinson fights off the takedown attempt with ease and resets as the fighters now pummel for position in the clinch before getting back to the center of the SmartCage as Resende lands a nice straight right and Pinson answers with a right hand to the body.  


Oh! Pinson sweeps Resende right off his feet with another heavy low kick and elects to let the ref stand him up, confident in his ability on the feet at this point.  Rightfully so apparently as Pinson lands a massive straight right and follows it up with two more!  Resende might be hurt badly here as Pinson swarms and keeps the pressure on.




Resende manages to break and recover briefly but his movement looks very labored at this point. Resende perhaps gets away with an eye poke as Pinson again looks to apply pressure with 90 seconds to go in the round.  Wisely, Resende clinches and drives Pinson back into the fence, likely just looking to catch his breath.


Again Pinson lands a big right on the chin and follows it up with some nice body work with a minute remaining in the round.  Resende is bleeding badly from his right eye now as Pinson surgically picks him apart as the round winds down.  


Wow, it appeared Resende caught Pinson in the body, briefly causing him to double over but the referee calls it a low blow, briefly pausing the action before the end of the round.


Round 3 


The corner of Resende believes they had Pinson hurt at the end of the second round as the referee has the doctor check the right eye of Resende.  The round opens with more of the same as Pinson lands two massive liver kicks, dropping Resende for a moment!


Resende however recovers but Pinson is still keeping the pressure on, beautifully mixing up hooks and overhands with body work before Resende lands a nice combination of his own, punctuated by a big knee to the body and a successful takedown.


Resende is able to pass to side control and settle in with three minutes remaining in the round.  Resende continues working to improve position, attempting to take the back but he makes a mistake! Resende gets too high and allows Pinson to slip right out the back door, where Pinson chooses to stand back up rather than take advantage of his newfound top position.


With two minutes remaining in the fight, Resende seems to be finding a bit of a second wind, landing some nice kicks to the body of Pinson.  With 90 seconds to go both men are swinging and landing but it feels like it may just be too little too late for Resende who entered this fight as a heavy favorite.  As the round winds down, Pinson is looking to put an exclamation point on this fight, landing a flurry of big straight right hands and body shots as he continues throwing and fighting straight through the final bell.




Isaiah Pinson pulls off a massive upset, defeating Vitor Resende on the back of his powerful right hand.


Isaiah Pinson def. Vitor Resende via UD (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)