In the PFL, if you want a shot at the postseason tournament and shot at $1 million, you need to rack up points.

The best way to rack up points, obviously, is by winning. Better yet, the best way to rack up even more points is by winning via stoppage. Want to earn the maximum six points possible from a single fight? Go out there and get a finish in the first round.

Through two weeks of the 2019 PFL regular season, it appears fighters understand this. Already 40 percent of bouts (8 out of 20) have finished in the first round.

Coincidence? UFC Hall of Famer and PFL commentator Randy Couture thinks not.

“The PFL format incentivizes fighters to get out there and finish early,” Couture said. “They get the maximum points they need to move on and hopefully have less wear and tear on their body, and that is almost as important. These guys have to fight five times in a year to win the $1 million, and spending as little time as possible in the cage will bear fruit for them as the season wears on. We’ve seen it play out over last season and so far, this season, fighters know they will be in much better shape moving forward if they can get their opponent out of there as early as possible.”