A striking specialist, Gabriel Braga studied Muay Thai while growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Braga won his first 12 fights in a row before breaking into the PFL through the 2023 PFL Challenger Series. Braga competed in the season last year, defeating Jesus Pinedo and retiring Marlon Moraes before a split decision over Chris Wade. This got him to the championship matchup, where he lost in controversial fashion to Jesus Pinedo. Braga returned to the PFL SmartCage in April, where he scored a first-round knockout of Justin Gonzalez in his first fight since his father’s tragic death.


Bubba Jenkins has fought in every featherweight season since arriving to the PFL in 2019, and while he’s been a consistently tough competitor, he’s fallen just short of the championship and million-dollar prize. Jenkins reached the featherweight title fight in 2022 but lost to Brendan Loughnane. Last season, Jenkins defeated Chris Wade and Jo Sungbin but lost to eventual champion Jesus Pinedo in upset fashion in the semifinals. The 2024 season did not start off well for Jenkins, as he dropped a decision to Kai Kamaka in April.


A win will clinch Braga a spot in the playoffs, while Jenkins needs a finish in the first or second round in order to have any chance of not missing the playoffs for the first time.


NOTE: Braga was deducted one point in the standings for missing weight.



Round 1


Low kicks from Jenkins to open things up. Now it’s a leg kick battle. Jenkins grabs a hold of Braga’s leg, and he presses Braga up against the fence. Braga lands a right hand as Jenkins continues to press. Jenkins changes to an inside single-leg attempt. Jenkins looks for a trip but can’t get it, as he tries to eliminate Braga’s base. Jenkins turns and scores the takedown. Braga looks to get back to his feet, but Jenkins gets a successful mat return.


Jenkins scores another mat return, as Braga continues the struggle to get back on his feet. Jenkins keeps a hold of the leg. Braga landing a few right hands. Braga has one of his feet wedged between the fence and the canvas. Not a lot of action at this point in the fight. Braga gets back to his feet, while Jenkins has a leg wrapped around one of Braga’s and near back control at the bell.



Round 2


The two trading to start the second round. High kick attempt from Jenkins. One-two from Jenkins. Jenkins tries to shoot in, but Braga avoids it. Braga landing low kicks. Jenkins returns fire. Both land straights. Left hand lands for Jenkins. Jenkins shoots in, and Braga is pinned against the fence. Not for long! Braga gets away and lands a right hand that rocks Jenkins! Jenkins is covering! The fight is waved off – and oh no! It appears that Jenkins has suffered an arm injury! Something must have happened when Braga stepped out from Jenkins trying to take him down against the fence.



Nevertheless, Braga clinches a playoff spot, and Jenkins will miss the playoffs for the first time in his PFL career.





Gabriel Braga defeats Bubba Jenkins by 2nd round TKO (due to injury, 1:48) in the PFL Featherweight Division


  • Braga clinches a playoff spot. Braga earns 4 points for this victory (5 for the 2nd round TKO minus 1 point for missing weight).
  • Timur Khizriev has also now clinched a playoff spot
  • Braga moves his career record to 14-1