Ilara Joanne built up an 8-4 record to start her career in her native Brazil before signing with Bellator in 2019. A product of the Pitbull Brothers gym, Joanne went 3-4 in Bellator. While she has seven finishes in her 11 wins, it’s been a rough patch recently, with Joanne having just one win in her most recent five fights. Joanne was submitted by Taila Santos in her PFL debut in April.


Shanna Young competed in karate as a youth before wrestling during high school and college, where she ended up earning All-American status in 2010. Young had her first MMA fight at 16 years old and has competed in a few noteworthy promotions, including a bantamweight title win on the regional scene. Young defeated Sandra Lavado in the 2023 PFL Challenger Series but lost to Kana Watanabe in April.


Both women will need a finish to stay alive in the PFL postseason race – with Young needing a first-round finish specifically after missing weight in April.



Round 1


Joanne starts with a three-punch combination. Both women throw a low kick. Young tries to clinch, but she eats a left hand from Joanne. Overhand right and a left hand from Joanne. Joanne misses a combination. Joanne with a low kick. One-two by Joanne. High kick is blocked for Young. High kick misses for Young. Left kick and a left hand from Joanne. Low side kick by Young. High kick for Joanne. Low kick by Joanne, and Young misses her combination. Right hand from Joanne.


Round kick to the body by Joanne. Right hand by Joanne. Both women land upstairs. Left hand by Joanne. Young presses Joanne to the fence. Joanne ends up reversing the position. Joanne scores the trip and gets into side control. Joanne throwing hammer fists quickly and powerfully until Young manages to get to her feet. Joanne scores another trip before the bell.



Round 2


Low side kick misses for Young, but she’s attacking the lead leg of Joanne. Low kick for Joanne. Right hand by Young. High kick by Joanne. Round kick by Joanne. Left hand misses for Joanne. Right hand misses for Joanne. Right hand by Joanne. Young lands, but Joanne fires off a combination. High kick is blocked for Joanne. Another high kick attempt by Joanne. Young with the left hand.


Both women scoring with punches as there’s just two minutes left in the round. Left hand from Young. Joanne misses the left. Jab to the body lands for Joanne. Right hand from Joanne snaps Young’s head back. Round kick by Joanne. Joanne misses a big head kick. Right hand by Joanne, but Young fires off a combination. Joanne responds and we’ve got a trading war here. Young shoots in and gets the takedown. Young trying to get in the underhook and chase the back of Joanne. Young looking for a standing twister, but there’s just not enough time.



Round 3


Left hand by Joanne. Low kick by Joanne. Small combination from Joanne, who is continuing to land. Low kick by Joanne. Right hand from Joanne. Left hand by Young. Left hand by Young, but Joanne with a left hook. Joanne with a one-two. Left kick to the body by Joanne. Young makes Joanne stumble with one of her kicks, and she fires off a combination, but Joanne continues to fight back.


Left hand and a low kick from Young. Joanne misses a right hand, but she pushes forward with a small combination. Joanne lands a big hook. Side kick to the midsection of Young. Right hand and a round kick to the body by Joanne. Round kick by Joanne. Young catches a kick and she brings Joanne down. Young gets a half-nelson and takes Joanne’s back! Young has a body lock. Both women fire punches, as Young unsuccessfully pursues a choke before the bell.





Ilara Joanne defeats Shanna Young by unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28) in the PFL Women’s Flyweight Division.

  • Both fighters are eliminated from the playoffs
  • Joanne moves her career record to 12-9