Goiti Yamauchi has been engulfed in martial arts all of his life, stretching back to judo and karate at the age of 3 and jiu-jitsu at 4. After winning a regional featherweight title, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt signed with Bellator in 2013, competing in the promotion for 11 years and going 14-5 there, with nine wins via submission. This is the first fight for Yamauchi, who has finishes in 24 of his 28 career victories (including 18 first-round submissions), since Bellator 292 in March 2023, where he suffered a ruptured patella tendon when taking on Michael “Venom” Page.


A member of the legendary jiu-jitsu family, Neiman Gracie signed with Bellator in 2015, going on to obtain a 10-4 record. Gracie challenged PFL alumnus Rory MacDonald for the Bellator welterweight title at Bellator 222, losing a decision. He most recently fought at Bellator 290, defeating Dante Schiro.


This will be a rematch from Bellator 284, which saw Yamauchi knock out Gracie. Will lightning strike twice, or will revenge be had, as these two now compete for points toward the PFL welterweight standings?



Round 1


Yamauchi opens with a jab to the body. Low kick by Yamauchi. A lot of measuring of range as the two feel each other out in the middle of the SmartCage. Yamauchi shows the left hand. Yamauchi tries the kick-catch takedown but can’t get it. Yamauchi tries to catch Gracie with a knee, but Gracie gets a body lock and moves them to the fence. Left hand by Gracie. Left hand by Yamauchi. Yamauchi dumps Gracie after catching a kick. Yamauchi lands a strong right hand as he works combinations.


Gracie misses an uppercut. Gracie lands a pair of right hands. Yamauchi with the one-two. Gracie looks for a flying armbar, but he can’t get it! Left hand by Gracie. Low kick by Gracie. One-two from Gracie. Yamauchi lands a jab and it puts Gracie on his back! Yamauchi allows Gracie back to the feet. Yamauchi catches another kick and lands a couple of punches to the head. Uppercut by Yamauchi. Gracie tries to bring up his striking pressure. Right hand by Gracie.





Round 2


Yamauchi continues his pressure early, walking Gracie down as Gracie goes on the back foot. Gracie lands a couple of right hands. Yamauchi goes for a back kick, but Gracie almost catches it. Yamauchi lands a combination. Two punches and a knee from Gracie. Yamauchi lands a left. Gracie tries a clinch. Right hand by Gracie. Another right hand by Gracie. Gracie misses a spinning kick. Gracie catches a kick from Yamauchi and brings him to the fence, trying an unsuccessful takedown attempt.


Gracie with a right hand. Low kick from Yamauchi. Left hand by Gracie. Gracie working some dirty boxing, landing some inside uppercuts. Gracie with a right hand. Low kick by Gracie, which Yamauchi answers with a one-two. Another one-two from Yamauchi. Yamauchi misses a low kick, and Gracie answers with a right hand. Jabs and a right hand from Yamauchi. One-two from Yamauchi, and one of those shots seemed to have some pop behind it.



Round 3


Low kick from Yamauchi. Front kick from Gracie. Gracie goes in for a takedown, but Yamauchi grabs a hold of him before a quick separation. Right hand by Gracie to catch Yamauchi off guard. Left hand by Yamauchi. Combination by Yamauchi lands flush on Gracie. Yamauchi grabs one of Gracie’s kicks and presses him back to the fence. A couple of left hands from Gracie. Gracie looks for a takedown but can’t get a hold of the leg. Gracie fails at another takedown attempt. Gracie lands a left to catch Yamauchi coming in.



Small combination by Yamauchi. Right hand by Gracie. Yamauchi with a kick to the face. Gracie level changes, but Yamauchi sprawls and ends up in side control, which quickly turns into half-guard from Gracie. A couple of left hands from Yamauchi. Yamauchi looks for an arm-triangle but can’t get a hold of Gracie properly. Not a lot of action in the last minute, as Yamauchi remains on top in half-guard.





Goiti Yamauchi defeats Neiman Gracie by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) in a welterweight regular season bout