Keeping the action going tonight, Ago Huskic takes on the undefeated Gabriel Braga in a bout that is sure to feature fireworks with 10 finishes in 16 career fights between the two fighters.  Huskic most recently had a competitive bout with eventual 2022 PFL Featherweight World Champion Brendan Loughnane. Huskic also has experience competing at 160 and 170 pounds. Braga on the other hand is a pristine 8-0 at only 24 years of age with four knockouts and seeks to prove he is a legit super prospect as he vies for a PFL contract tonight.

Round 1 


The fighters touch gloves and we’re underway as Braga switches stances looking to find the distance as Braga explodes and lands a big right hand.  Huskic shoots but Braga is able to threaten the ninja choke and force Huskic to abandon it.  Now Braga changes levels and shoots a double, though Huskic is attacking a guillotine.


Braga defends well though, circling off to the right side before moving back to full guard and posturing up to do some damage. Huskic creates a scramble but it’s Braga taking advantage, able to take the mount and start raining down right hands.


Huskic gives his back in an attempt to get up and with half a round to go Braga is in fairly deep on a rear naked choke now! Huskic is defending well but Braga is pressuring relentlessly, mixing in short strikes and submission attacks while controlling the back. Braga moves back to the mount with 90 seconds left and postures up, raining down some big ground and pound that has the referee taking a close look. 


Once again Huskic is able to do just enough to survive, again giving his back to avoid the strikes but going right back to defending the rear naked with about a minute remaining.  It appears Huskic will control the back as Braga peppers some short shots and Huskic is actually able to explode back to the feet just before the end of the round.


Round 2 


Round two begins and Braga currently has Huskic doubled up on strikes in addition to all the control time.  Huskic looks a bit sluggish to open the round after fighting off the relentless pressure of Braga in the first but Braga seems intent to keep the pressure going, avoiding a Huskic flying knee before landing two nice shots to the body followed by a big right hand up top.


Braga is pressuring Huskic against the SmartCage and controlling range now as Huskic lands a low blow and we’ll have a brief break in the action with 3:06 to go.  They reset and Huskic seems to be catching a second wind, landing some short shots and knees inside as Braga is having some trouble finding openings now.


Braga is starting to land his jab now as Huskic is putting out the volume but not very accurately.  Huskic continues to dip his head off to the side and eats a knee to the head for the mistake before Braga takes it to the mat once again, landing in side control.


Braga rotates to the front headlock before attempting to take the back and again winding up in side control as Huskic is forced to concede position. Braga lands a fantastic grounded knee to the body, a severely underutilized technique in MMA but the referee believes it landed low and will take a pause in the action once more with 19 seconds remaining in the round.


They restart and Huskic blitzes, landing a big left hand and a knee to the body before the bell rings and the round ends.


Round 3


We begin the final frame with Huskic likely in need of a finish but Braga landing two quick hooks that Huskic counters with a livershot.  Huskic is coming forward consistently and fighting with the urgency of a man who knows he needs a finish, but once again Braga is able to take Huskic to the mat and land in half guard along the fence.  Braga passes off to side control attempting to cut off the cage and look to set an arm triangle perhaps.


Braga gets his knee on the belly of Huskic and looks to pass to mount but Huskic recovers half guard before Braga postures up and lands some big ground and pound. 




 Braga continues to control Huskic and land significant strikes as we hit the halfway point in the round and Braga postures up once more and blasts some powerful right hands.


It’s more of the same here as Braga is throwing some heavy ground and pound here, mixing up straights and hammerfists as well as some body shots.  Huskic is clearly tough as nails as he has absorbed some monster shots in this final round, even briefly returning to his feet with about 30 seconds left before being taken down once more.  The bout will end as it went with Braga raining down ground and pound.




Gabriel Braga accomplishes his mission in his US debut, but will it be enough for a PFL contract?


Gabriel Braga def. Ago Huskic via Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-27, 29-28)