As a Muay Thai specialist, Bruno Miranda’s striking skills helped lead him toward success upon entering the PFL last year. Miranda, who has won seven of his last eight fights and enters tonight with a 16-4 record, got into the PFL after a TKO of Carson Frei in the PFL Challenger Series. He scored decision wins over Ahmed Amir and Alex Martinez during last year’s regular season before losing to eventual back-to-back PFL Lightweight Champion Olivier Aubin-Mercier in the semifinals.


Former Bellator Lightweight Champion Brent Primus begins his PFL journey tonight, seeking the chance to now win gold in a second major MMA promotion. Primus, who entered Bellator as a 2-0 fighter in 2013, has scored major wins over Michael Chandler and Benson Henderson in his career, the win over the former giving him the Bellator lightweight title in 2017. Primus most recently fought at Bellator 300, with his fight against Usman Nurmagomedov declared a no-contest.


Who takes a step toward accomplishing their mission in this season?



Round 1


The two feel each other out, almost as if each is waiting for the other to strike first. No strikes thrown for about 30 seconds before Miranda fires a head kick that is blocked. Miranda with an inside leg kick, but it’s blocked. Another high kick from Miranda. Primus fires off a combination and shoots in for a takedown, pinning Miranda against the fence. Miranda tries to get himself off the cage, but Primus brings him right back. Primus eventually scores the takedown and gets to Miranda’s back, looking to get a hook in.


Primus gets both hooks in, though his grip is too high to lock in a choke. Primus secures a body triangle. Primus attacks the neck while Miranda looks to protect his neck and fight off Primus’ hands. Primus uses his left hand to fire away and loosen up Miranda’s defenses. Primus continues to fire away with the left hand. Primus continues his work and Miranda is taking all of it, trying to just survive the round. Primus switches up to punches with the right hand to Miranda’s head for the final 10 seconds.




Round 2


Miranda attacks the lead leg, focusing with leg kicks there. Primus lands his own leg kick. Primus with a combination and scores another takedown. Primus is in Miranda’s half-guard and tries to make his way over to side control. Primus gets back to Miranda’s back about a minute into the second round, looking to sink in hooks once more. Primus works his way and is able to sink the choke in and get the submission!



Dominating performance from the former Bellator Champion in his PFL debut!





Brent Primus defeats Bruno Miranda by 2nd round submission (rear-naked choke, 1:49), earning 5 points in the PFL Lightweight Division