Tomasz Langowski has competed on the regional scene throughout Europe, scoring five finishes in his six victories thus far. A kickboxing specialist, Langowski has won three of his last five, though he was submitted by Wahed Nazhand in his most recent bout last September.


Competing throughout Germany for the most part of his professional career so far, Florim Zendeli has seven victories in nine fights, scoring five knockouts and two submissions. A wrestling expert and former welterweight champion on the regional scene, Zendeli is unbeaten in four of his last five fights. He most recently fought in September, defeating Wladimir Holodenko.


Who will earn the win in the first regular-season bout for the 2024 PFL Europe season?



Round 1


Front kick by Langowski. Low kick by Langowski Zendeli. Langowski with a jab, and Zendeli answers with a low kick. Zendeli tries to lock up and pushes Langowski toward the fence. Langowski gets an underhook in order to fight back. Zendeli gets to Langowski’s back and forces him against the PFL SmartCage. Langowski gets back to his feet, but Zendeli forces him back to the ground in a sitting position. Zendeli throws some hands as Langowski returns to his feet.


Langowski manages to bring things back to the center, surviving the wrestling onslaught. But with about 75 seconds to go in the round, Zendeli scores another takedown. He quickly locks in a rear-naked choke, and Langowski goes out!



Florim Zendeli and his wrestling was just simply too much!





Florim Zendeli defeats Tomasz Langowski by 1st round submission (rear-naked choke - 4:11) in a Welterweight Regular Season bout. Zendeli advances to the 2024 PFL Europe Playoffs