Just 18 years of age, Lorena Cubero has won all three of her professional fights after going 1-1 as an amateur. Cubero, who started with Taekwondo and kickboxing in her youth before transitioning to MMA, most recently fought in May at GMC 34, earning a unanimous decision over Kamila Simkova.


A jiu-jitsu specialist, Griet Eeckhout is 6-4-1 in her professional career thus far and is the former SHC women’s flyweight champion. The 26-year-old Eeckhout, who fought Mandy Bohm in Bellator in 2020, most recently fought in October 2021, scoring a knockout of Nadia Akihary-van der Wel.


The winner of this fight will earn the final spot in the PFL Playoffs at women’s flyweight and will meet Valentina Scatizzi on September 30 in Paris.



Round 1


Both women flash their jabs to start. Both women then land an overhand before Eeckhout presses Cubero up against the fence. Eeckhout scores a takedown and ties up one of Cubero’s arms in a crucifix. Eeckhout lands several shots to the head of Cubero, who tries to spin over and get her arm free. Cubero throws up her legs in an armbar position from the bottom but can’t get it.


Eeckhout eventually stands up to get out of Cubero’s guard. She attacks from up top and lands a shot to the head, leading her to go back to the ground in side position. Eeckhout gets a knee on Cubero’s stomach and lands some strong ground-and-pound. Cubero catches her attention with a couple of strong hammerfists from the bottom, but Eeckhout remains in top position.




Round 2


Eeckhout lands a low kick. Cubero lands a low kick of her own, but Eeckhout comes after her with a small flurry. Eeckhout manages to level change and easily takes Cubero back to the ground. Eeckhout spends some time in control on the ground, pinning Cubero, before getting up and landing some strikes again before dropping back to Cubero on the ground.


While in half guard, Eeckhout landed some strong ground-and-pound with the hopes of being able to pass. Cubero continued to use her legs to try and block Eeckhout’s transitions but with not much going to get back in the fight at this point. Eeckhout remains on top and continues to rain down blows. Eeckhout passes Cubero’s guard and continues to land shots, ending the one-sided round in side control.



Round 3


Eeckhout brings out her striking to start the round, as Cubero throws what she can to try and take control. Eeckhout presses Cubero up against the SmartCage, and Cubero manages to resist for a little while. Eeckhout pushes Cubero into the SmartCage twice as the two engage in a clinch battle. Cubero manages to shake Eeckhout off with about three minutes left in the round. Eeckhout, however, throws an overhand right and uses it to get inside and score yet another takedown.


Once again, Eeckhout finds herself in half guard but is in complete control as she punches away in bunches on the ground. Cubero attempts to fight back in the fight’s final minute, throwing up her legs for a desperation triangle, but Eeckhout manages to spin around into a North-South position. Eeckhout is nonstop in top pressure, only letting Cubero up for the last 10 seconds of the fight.






Griet Eeckhout def. Lorena Cubero via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)


PFL Europe Women’s Lightweight Playoffs:

Dakota Ditcheva vs. Cornelia Holm

Griet Eeckhout vs. Valentina Scatizzi


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