Keeping the action going in the Women’s Featherweight division, Jeslen Mishelle meets Evelyn Martins in a battle of two undefeated prospects looking to punch their ticket to the PFL Regular Season.  Mishelle was dealt a tough hand last year, winning both of her Challenger Series bouts and even reaching the final elimination stage before ultimately losing the tiebreaker.  Martins was originally scheduled to face the winner of the previous bout Jackie Cataline last year at the PFL Challenger Series but was forced to withdraw.  Now 2-0 as a pro at just 20 years old, Martins made her pro debut with a decisive win over Serena Dejesus at the young age of 18. Both women look to make their mark and earn a PFL contract tonight.


Round 1 


Both fighters look to take the center of the SmartCage early as Martins lands a nice low kick to kick us off.  Mishelle however wastes no time getting it back, rushing forward behind a flurry of heavy punchees.  Mishelle attempts to clinch and gets hammered with some big hooks before throwing a blocked high kick on the break.


These ladies are swinging heavy leather early as Martins lands another big right hand only to again be rushed by a blitzing Mishelle who seems to be having most of her success early when moving forward and pushing the pace and action.


Martins lands a BIG straight right to left hook combo but again Mishelle is undeterred, continuing to march forward and throw punches in bunches.  Mishelle is also doing a great job of ending her combinations with some heavy kicks to the body.


This has been a razor close round so far with 90 seconds remaining, and it feels like anytime either fighter starts to pick up some momentum the opponent is able to piece together some big strikes of her own.


With a minute remaining, Mishelle is just ahead on strikes and both women have already thrown over 80 total strikes.  Martins is beginning to have a lot of success with the check left hook and mixing in straights behind it.  Mishelle ends the round strong with a nice combination and anybody who tells you they know how that round will be scored is lying!


Round 2 


Martins looks a little slow getting off the stool and one has to wonder if these fighters can keep the insane pace from round 1.  Question posed and answered seemingly as a minute into the 2nd round both fighters are still throwing both power and volume.


Oh my! Martins lands a big overhand right and attacks the legs, easily dumping Mishelle to the mat and beginning to advance position.  Mishelle gives up her back in the ensuing scramble and Martins is attacking the rear naked choke!  Martins doesn’t quite have the angle and she’s a little high but she looks to be under the neck and putting the squeeze on Mishelle now! Just like that, Martins gets the tap! What an impressive statement performance from a fighter who is only 20 years old!






Evelyn Martins moves to 3-0 at just 20 years of age with a slick submission after putting on an absolute war with Jeslen Mishelle.


Evelyn Martins def. Jeslen Mishelle. via 2nd round Submission (Rear Naked Choke, 1:38)