Anthony Pettis has climbed the mountain throughout his career.

From winning gold in both the WEC and UFC, to becoming the only fighter to grace the cover of Wheaties, “Showtime” has always been a marquee player in the sport.

Now, Pettis has his sights set on becoming a PFL champion and will begin that quest on April 23 at PFL 1 vs. Clay Collard. The two fighters are part of the lightweight regular season that will see a winner crowned.

For a veteran of the sport, the lay of the land in the PFL was what helped entice him to join the promotion.

“I like this format,” Pettis said. “I feel like if I went to other promotions, I would have had to go and fight my way up to a title shot and try to figure out what I had to trash-talk about to get into the next place in line.

“The stability of knowing when I’m gonna fight. I know my whole schedule right now. I know when I gotta make weight, I know when I’m going to be getting down to weight; I think that was what stood out to me.”