We’ve had four fights tonight so you know what that means, it’s contract time! Charlie Decca, Anthony Romero, Manoel Sousa, and Elvin Espinoza all won their bouts and are therefore all eligible to receive a PFL contract.  Before the voting begins, the promotion will narrow the four winners down to two finalists.  From there, fans will vote in the Bud Light Fan Vote to make their voices heard as to who deserves a PFL contract. If the fan vote aligns with the celebrity panel, that fighter will receive a PFL contract.  If the votes do not align, Ray Sefo will break the tie.

Now, it’s time to narrow it down to our two finalists! Sean O’Connell is in the cage and has called forward Anthony Romero and Elvin Espinoza, no surprises there.  Voting is now open as fans get to participate and help choose the contract winner, although it feels like we may have a better idea of where the contract is heading tonight than we have in the three prior iterations of the PFL Challenger Series in 2023.

We head to break for the final time tonight as the Bud Light Fan Vote seems to be starting to skew fairly heavily towards Espinoza, no surprise considering he finished his bout in impressive fashion.  We head to the celebrity panel to get their take and Michael Carter-Williams praises both fighters, as does Vitor Belfort.  Tyron Woodley gets the assignment to make the final decision and the celebrity panel goes with Elvin Espinoza!

The Bud Light Fan Vote is in and the fans also choose Elvin Espinoza! We won’t need Ray Sefo tonight as Elvin Espinoza is officially your newest PFL Lightweight and will be competing for a chance at $1 million and a PFL World Championship this year!