After an injury to Jay-Jay Wilson, Elvin Espinoza gets the call on just days’ notice to take part in the 2024 PFL Lightweight Season. A freestyle specialist who trains out of Kill Cliff FC, Espinoza has shown impressive talent in the sport thus far with an unbeaten 9-0 record (including a 4-0 PFL record) and seven finishes to his name. Espinoza’s time in the PFL thus far has seen him submit Hopeton Stewart and Damir Ferhatbegovic and earn decisions over Corey Jackson and Keoni Diggs.


After a noteworthy run in Bellator, Adam Piccolotti makes his PFL debut here tonight in Las Vegas, looking to further his mark and capture PFL gold in the process. A Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, Piccolotti has shown expertise in submissions, earning seven of his 14 current victories through the method. He was most recently in action at Bellator 293, scoring a third-round submission of Mandel Nallo.


Who will get off to the all-important strong start in this PFL Lightweight Season?



Round 1


Front kick from Espinoza as the two feel each other out. Espinoza pressures early and pins Piccolotti to the fence as he works for a takedown. Espinoza maintains his grip on Piccolotti as they move around the cage. Espinoza lands a right hand. Low kick from Piccolotti. Left hand from Piccolotti is blocked. Espinoza throws a body kick, and Piccolotti uses that to score a takedown on Espinoza. Piccolotti gets to Espinoza’s back. Espinoza sprawls and Piccolotti wrestles his way back into top position.



Piccolotti throws some right hands before taking the hooks in again as he gets back to Espinoza’s back. Espinoza gets out the back, but Piccolotti quickly throws up his guard. Piccolotti appears to be going for an omoplata attempt. The fight returns to the feet with about 45 seconds left and the two exchange, swinging away on one another. Espinoza goes for another takedown attempt, getting Piccolotti’s back to the SmartCage once again. Piccolotti rolls through and gets a kimura attempt, ending the round in mount.



Round 2


Small flurry from Espinoza to start things off. Piccolotti returns fire and lands a push kick. Both trade body kicks. High kick from Piccolotti is shrugged off. Both men land upstairs. Right hand from Piccolotti backs Espinoza up a bit. Left hand from Piccolotti, but he misses a follow-up uppercut. Front kick from Piccolotti. Left hand from Espinoza. Another front kick to the body from Piccolotti. Strong left hand lands for Espinoza. Right hand and a low kick from Piccolotti. Combination from Piccolotti to back Espinoza up. Piccolotti goes in for a single-leg takedown attempt, but Espinoza sprawls.



Piccolotti has Espinoza’s back to the fence. Espinoza pushes his way off and gets out of Piccolotti’s grasp. Right hand lands for Espinoza, but he misses a wild, strong left hand. Espinoza catches a body kick and chases the back, with him and Piccolotti against the fence. High right knee from Espinoza. Espinoza scores a takedown and gets on top, but Piccolotti looks for a kimura. Knee by Piccolotti. Left hand from Espinoza. Combination fired off by Piccolotti. Piccolotti gets Espinoza’s back to the fence. Piccolotti has a standing grasp on Espinoza’s back in a crossbody. Espinoza with a roll attempt before the end of the round.



Round 3


Piccolotti starts the round off with a combination. Espinoza tries to pressure Piccolotti to the fence. One-two and a knee from Piccolotti. Uppercut lands for Piccolotti. One-two for Piccolotti. Round kick by Piccolotti. Another uppercut lands for Piccolotti. Piccolotti shoots in, but Espinoza holds him off as they go into a clinch battle. Piccolotti gets Espinoza against the fence. They continue to jockey for position, with Piccolotti having the upper hand. Espinoza gets Piccolotti to the fence briefly before another control battle.


Front kick from Piccolotti on the back. Espinoza lands a left that seems to stumble Piccolotti! Espinoza lands a switch knee and GETS THE COMEBACK KO!



What a come-from-behind finish for Elvin Espinoza when he desperately needed it!





Elvin Espinoza defeats Adam Piccolotti by 3rd round KO (2:23), earning 4 points in the PFL Lightweight Division