Elias Boudegzdame, who made his professional MMA debut in 2012, is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who has used his grappling game to his advantage in the sport. In his 18-8 record, 17 wins have come by way of a finish, and 15 of those have been by submission. Boudegzdame – who earned bantamweight gold prior to joining the PFL and has fought fellow PFL fighter Bubba Jenkins – last fought in February 2023, dropping a decision to Demarte Pena.


Despite being just 23 years old, Hassan Mandour made his professional MMA debut back in 2015, racking up a 9-4 record since. Mandour, a wrestling specialist who is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, is a former regional featherweight champion and is the No. 4 ranked featherweight in Egypt. Known as “Viper,” Mandour last fought in May 2023, losing to Erzhan Estanov.


The bantamweight portion of the PFL MENA 2024 season kicks off with these two combatants!



Round 1


Boudegzdame comes running across the cage with a flying knee attempt to start! Mandour with a leg kick but Boudegzdame throws a big right hand. Boudegzdame scores the takedown and gets right to Mandour’s back, looking for a choke. Boudegzdame has a body triangle, but Mandour is resisting Boudegzdame’s hook attempts. Boudegzdame lands a few right hands as Mandour tries to get away. Boudegzdame goes for it again, but he can’t get his arms under Mandour’s chin. Mandour gets away at last and he ends up on top in Boudegzdame’s guard. Mandour lands a couple of left hands. Boudegzdame throws his legs up, but Mandour recognizes the triangle attempt.


Mandour lands a few left hands, but Boudegzdame gets control of one of his wrists. Mandour gets past the guard and into side control. Boudegzdame tries to sweep Mandour from the bottom, but Mandour resists those attempts as well. Boudegzdame finally gets a sweep and gets on top, but Mandour has a triangle around his neck. Boudegzdame gets out of it and looks for an armbar, but Mandour escapes. Mandour gets Boudegzdame’s back to the mat and ends the round on top.



Round 2


Mandour shoots in for a takedown, but Boudegzdame reverses and looks for a guillotine. Boudegzdame loses his grasp, and Mandour ends up on top. The fight quickly returns to the feet. Mandour shoots in for a takedown and gets it, but he pays the price! Now Boudegzdame locks in the guillotine and gets the tap!



Elias Boudegzdame’s grappling on full display in this one, and he earns the first PFL MENA bantamweight playoff spot!





Elias “Smile” Boudegzdame defeats Hassan Mandour by 2nd round submission (guillotine choke, 0:53), advancing to the PFL MENA Playoffs in the Bantamweight Division