Kane Mousah is a striking specialist, coming from a karate background to working with Michael Bisping. Fighting out of Tiger Muay Thai, Mousah has won 14 of 20 fights in his career thus far, which includes a 3-3 record in Bellator and a previous appearance in the PFL, dropping a decision to Jakub Kaszuba in March. Mousah has only won two of his last five fights, but his most recent win was a notable one, coming against Georgi Karakhanyan.


Dylan Tuke went 5-0 as an amateur before making his professional debut in 2015. After a four-year hiatus, Tuke successfully returned to the sport in 2022. Tuke, who fell to eventual champion Kaszuba in the PFL Europe lightweight playoffs last year, has scored finishes in six of his seven victories thus far. Tuke most recently fought at the PFL Europe card in December, defeating Yazid Chouchane.


Who will score the victory in this highly anticipated co-main event battle?



Round 1


Tuke circling around the outside, keeping his distance. The two circling, feeling each other out throughout the first minute; neither man throwing anything. The referee calls for action. Low kick from Mousah. That’s the only strike through 90 seconds now. Crowd is starting to get impatient. Another low kick thrown by Mousah. Two minutes in, and the referee asks for more action again.


Mousah runs in and lands a right hand. Low kick from Mousah. Tuke flashes the right jab. Tuke flashes the left hand. Low kick missed for Mousah, but he continues to come forward. Tuke throws a hook. The referee again asking for more engagement. High kick from Tuke is blocked. Mousah misses a left hand. The referee asks for them to engage again. With 50 seconds left in the round, Tuke finally acts and scores a takedown. Mousah gets to the fence and tries to use it to get back to his feet. Tuke, however, drags Mousah back to the mat multiple times. Tuke gets a body lock on Mousah’s back before the horn.



Round 2


Tuke misses a left hand. Low kick from Mousah. Tuke misses a one-two. Mousah lands a powerful hook. Body kick from the rear by Tuke. Both men fire off, with Tuke landing a counter right. Tuke grabs a hold of Mousah and scores a takedown. Mousah gets back to his feet, but Tuke brings him back down and threatens mount. Tuke steps through and tries to get to Mousah’s back.


Tuke gets the body lock in more and looks for the choke. Mousah tries to defend, while Tuke looks to soften his defenses up. Mousah is able to get to his knees with under a minute left, but Tuke still has a body lock on him even as he gets to his feet. Tuke gets off as Mousah continues to fight the hands. Both men land knees to the body. Mousah pressures Tuke before the end of the round, with Tuke getting out of dodge.



Round 3


Mousah misses a right hand. Tuke continuing to move around the SmartCage. Mousah grabs a hold of him briefly. Tuke flashes the left hand. Tuke presses in and gets a hold of Mousah, with Mousah down on a knee. Mousah defending the hands as Tuke manages to get a body lock in.


Mousah gets out of Tuke’s grasp. Mousah tries to work Tuke over near the fence, but Tuke brings the fight back into a clinch, keeping Mousah pinned against the fence. Tuke scores a takedown. Mousah gets back to his feet, but his back is still against the fence. Mousah reverses the position and the two separate with just over 90 seconds left in the fight. Another clinch battle against the fence. Left hand from Mousah. Tuke clinches Mousah up again. Mousah sprawls out against the fence. More clinch battling. Another separation. Mousah with a couple of body shots. Mousah tries to dirty box, but Tuke, yet again, presses Mousah into a battle against the fence before the horn.





Dylan “The Nuke” Tuke defeats Kane Mousah by unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27) in a lightweight showcase bout (non-season fight)