Riding a five-fight win streak, Ty Flores is seeking the chance to make his first PFL Playoffs appearance. With roots in kickboxing and wrestling before the start of his MMA journey, Flores pulled off a major victory in April with a unanimous decision win over 2022 light heavyweight semifinalist Delan Monte.


Dan Spohn will look to score another victory after earning a win on the regional circuit in October. Spohn won two regular-season bouts in 2018 but fell in that year’s light heavyweight quarterfinals to eventual champion and current PFL play-by-play man Sean O’Connell. Since then, Spohn is 0-3-1 in the PFL. Back in his most recent PFL season in 2021, Spohn was submitted by eventual finalist Marthin Hamlet and went to a draw with eventual semifinalist Emiliano Sordi.


Flores clinches a playoff spot with a finish in the first or second round. Flores could have gotten a playoff spot locked up with a finish of any kind, but a third-round finish will no longer be good enough after Flores missed weight for this bout. Spohn, fighting in the PFL for the first time this season, is in a win-or-go-home scenario. He would lose a tiebreaker against any fighter who fought twice unless he beats that fighter head-to-head.



Round 1


Flores trying to come forward to start. Spohn throws a hook. After a brief time out for a mouthpiece drop, Flores is able to push Spohn against the SmartCage and gets him down to the mat. Spohn throws up his guard and tries to escape. Spohn briefly sits up and tries to wall walk, but Flores returns Spohn’s back and hips to the ground. A couple of right hands from Flores, while Spohn unsuccessfully tries to crank one of Flores’s shoulders.


Flores lands some ground-and-pound to Spohn’s sides and presses Spohn against the cage. Spohn continuously tries to get some elevation and get back up against the fence but Flores is in dominant control on the ground.



Round 2


Spohn throws a right to start, but Flores manages to pressure quickly and get Spohn right back down to the ground. Spohn looks for a potential kimura, but he has nothing going for him. Spohn has one of Flores’s legs locked up with his own, but it’s no use. Flores lands a few right hands up top. Spohn tries to land around Flores’s head with his own punches, as Flores is struggling to get past Spohn’s guard.


Flores, however, eventually pushes through and threatens with a choke briefly. Flores lands a few strong shots upstairs before seeking an arm-triangle once again. Flores shows relentless pressure on the ground. Spohn gets to his knees and tries to get up, but Flores lands a few knees to the head when Spohn gets a knee up. Spohn looks for a kimura but Flores gets him back to the ground.



Note: As a result of Flores being unable to get a finish in the first two rounds, Marthin Hamlet and Joshua Silveira clinch light heavyweight playoff spots.



Round 3


Spohn fires off a flurry and lands a big knee, troubling Flores. Flores looks for another takedown, but Spohn is fighting him off. Sphon lands another knee and is continuing to fire off shots. The two go by the fence, and it’s there Flores is able to clinch up and look for another takedown. Spohn, however, looks for another kimura and it causes Flores’s takedown to go unsuccessful. Spohn lands more in the clinch as Flores struggles before finally landing another takedown.



Flores continues to land and stop Spohn’s arm usage, as he also looks to recover from the barrage of shots from Spohn. Flores stacks himself on top of Spohn against the SmartCage. Flores looks to take advantage of Spohn’s energy, eventually making his way to Spohn’s back and looking for a last-second rear-naked choke. Flores is able to lock it in, but Spohn is able to survive to the final bell.




Ty Flores def. Dan Spohn via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


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