In our second bout of the evening, Brazilian Sanda Champion Maira Mazar meets Desiree “Dirty Dez” Yanez in the SmartCage with a PFL contract and a chance at one million dollars on the line.  The fighters have eight combined knockouts between them so look for this bout to provide fireworks as both of these fighters also bring high level experience, fighting on ONE Championship and Bellator respectively.  


Round 1 


The opening bell rings and Yanez comes out gunning, landing three massive hooks followed by a shot to the body before clinching up and grinding Mazar along the fence.  They break a minute into the round and Yanez continues to apply pressure, coming forward and landing.


Mazar lands a nice little one-two combo with a roundhouse kick behind it but once again Yanez lands a big right and seems to be firmly in control of this fight, wearing down Mazar along the fence.


Yanez continues to outstrike Mazar, landing some heavy shovel hooks to the body and just constantly coming forward. With a minute left in the round, Mazar will need to do something big to steal this one as they exchange in the center of the SmartCage and both women land heavy shots.  Yanez lands a big left hand and jumps right back out of range as the round comes to a close.


Round 2 


Once again it’s Yanez rushing to the center of the SmartCage and establishing her jab but that will be short lived as Mazar kicks Yanez below the belt and the fighters pause for a moment.


They restart and Yanez shoots in for a double but Mazar does a good job fighting it off and scraps for underhooks to stay on her feet.  Yanez is still coming forward but Mazar is now landing her own jab at a good clip as Yanez lands a low kick and changes levels for a takedown once more.


Once again Mazar is wise to it and stuffs the attempt and Yanez redoubles her efforts only to be swept halfway through the round and now Mazar has the back of Yanez with half a round to work!


Mazar is doing a good job taking advantage of the position, posturing up and doing damage with big hooks before beginning to attack the rear naked joke with about 90 seconds remaining in the round.  Mazar continues to control the back until Yanez explodes out of the position with about 15 seconds left and opens it up, cracking Mazar in an attempt to steal the round right back! What a fight! 




Round 3


In a round that could decide the fight, we begin with more of the same as Yanez takes the center of the SmartCage and unloads again, landing a few big hooks and some body shots.  Both fighters still look sharp at this point but Yanez is outstriking Mazar slightly so far in this round, and now Yanez gets the takedown and starts posturing up to do damage.


As the round continues Yanez continues to stay busy with the ground and pound and Mazar seems content to fight off her back which could very well cost her the fight.  Yanez is wisely using her glove to inhibit the breathing of Mazar in between ground and pound shots.


Mazar is doing a good job using the knee shield to prevent Yanez from getting the full mount, but Yanez doesn’t seem to care, posturing up and raining down heavy shots until the round ends.




Desiree Yanez shows off a little bit of everything in a decision win!


Desiree Yanez def. Maira Mazar via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)