After four fights it’s once again everyone’s favorite time of the night: the awarding of a PFL contract to one lucky competitor!  Tonight Lisa Mauldin, Desiree Yanez, Shanna Young, and Kaytlin Neil all won their bouts and are eligible to win a PFL contract.

As a reminder, from here, the promotion will narrow it down to two lucky finalists for the PFL contract and then the celebrity panel and judges will both vote,  If they agree, that fighter wins the contract.  If they disagree, it goes to Ray Sefo for a tiebreaker. And tonight our finalists will be… Lisa Mauldin and Desiree Yanez!

We’ll head to commercials for the final time tonight as fans take to the Bud Light Fan Vote to make their voices heard and help decide who will win a PFL contract.  The celebrity panel (Paige VanZant, Sam Darnold, and Megan Anderson) also deliberate to decide who will receive their all important vote.

KenFlo will start with the celebrity panel and Darnold, PVZ, and Megan all espouse praise for both fighters, boring!  After all of that, Megan Anderson casts the Celebrity Panel vote for Desiree Yanez!  The Bud Light Fan Vote is in and 61% of the fans favor Desiree Yanez! Yanez is your Week 5 contract winner for the PFL Women’s Flyweights!