What a night of fights and what a season of PFL Challenger Series it’s been! Tonight, Denzel Freeman, Ali Omar, Evelyn Martins, and Kendly St. Louis are all eligible for a PFL contract after winning their bouts.

To review the process of giving out the PFL contract, the promotion will now narrow the four winning fighters from tonight’s bouts down to two finalists for the PFL contract and at that point we will go to the Celebrity Panel and Bud Light Fan Vote!  If the Celebrity Panel and the Bud Light Fan Vote are unanimous for one fighter, that fighter will be awarded a PFL contract.  If the panel and the fans cannot reach a consensus, Ray Sefo gets the tie breaking vote. And now Sean O’Connell takes the SmartCage to announce our finalists… Denzel Freeman and Evelyn Martins, perhaps unsurprising after Freeman picked up one of the fastest finishes in PFL Challenger Series history and Martins put on an absolute show.

The Bud Light Fan Vote is officially underway as we check the highlights for a quick reminder on how our finalists got here, both in extremely impressive fashion. The fan vote looks split early as we take it to commercials for the final time this evening, as fans take their time to cast their Bud Light Fan Vote and make their voices heard. This week’s celebrity panel (Kayla Harrison, Wiz Khalifa, and Randy Couture) will also deliberate to cast their vote.  We kick it back to Sean O’Connell who will get the Celebrity Panel’s thoughts!

We begin with Wiz Khalifa, who is highly complimentary of both fighters but seems a bit higher on Freeman. Couture is also complimentary of both, seeming to favor Martins a bit. Kayla Harrison also seems to favor her teammate Evelyn Martins but in the end, the panel casts their vote for Denzel Freeman!  We now go to the Bud Light Fan Vote and with a razor close 51% of the vote, Denzel Freeman is your newest PFL Heavyweight!