Danilo Marques will be competing in his fourth PFL bout tonight after competing in the 2023 season. Marques competed in the 2023 Challenger Series, where he submitted Ras Hylton. He then finished sixth in the PFL heavyweight standings, making him a tournament alternate, after a decision win over Yorgan De Castro and a loss to Marcelo Nunes. Marques has been a state boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion, a national BJJ champion and a world submission grappling champion.


Satoshii Ishii is a longtime veteran of the sport, competing in various promotions all over the world. In fact, Ishii competed in the PFL during the 2019 season, defeating Zeke Tuinei Wily and losing to Jared Rosholt in the regular season before losing to Denis Goltsov in the 2019 Heavyweight Quarterfinals. Ishii, who took home a gold medal in judo at the 2008 Olympics, will be competing in his first MMA fight in 14 months, though he’s fought in boxing and kickboxing during that span.


These two veterans of the fight game should put on an exciting heavyweight contest.



Round 1


High kick from Marques is blocked. Low kick by Marques, and Ishii fires one back. A high kick from Marques is blocked again, and Ishii comes forward to land a punch to the body. Low kick by Marques. One-two thrown by Marques, but Ishiii avoids another high kick. Marques does land a low kick. Front kick by Marques. Round kick from Marques only connects slightly. Ishii continues to come forward, but Marques keeps his distance.


Marques lands a couple of kicks to Ishii’s body. Ishii comes forward and Marques lands another. Ishii lands a kick to the body of his own. Marques throws a combination, but another one of his high kicks is blocked. Spinning back kick by Marques is missed. Low kick by Marques. Ishii pressures Marques as the two clinch up against the cage, and he stuffs Ishii’s takedown attempt. Another missed high kick from Marques. Marques makes Ishii slip with a right hand. Marques throws another high kick. Ishii again comes forward but can’t get anything. Marques with a low kick and dodges an Ishii one-two. Right hand to the head of Ishii.



Round 2


Jab by Marques and a kick to the body to start. Ishii with a combination. Marques with a knee that backs Ishii up. Ishii with a combination, and Marques answers with a right hand. Ishii continues to press forward. Marques with a combination, while Ishii throws a low kick. The two exchange and Marques lands a knee upstairs. Marques with another high kick as Ishii presses Marques against the SmartCage, but Ishii gets pushed off. A couple of left hands from Marques. Marques works with the body. Marques misses a front kick. Ishii presses Marques to the fence, but Marques is able to get away again. A couple of left hands to the body by Ishii, but Marques gets away.


Marques lands a knee as Ishii clinches up again, and once again Marques escapes against the SmartCage wall. Left hand by Ishii back in the center of the SmartCage. Low kick by Marques. Marques clinches and lands a left. Marques fires off a couple of more kicks. Ishii tries to grab Marques’s leg, but Marques gets away. Overhand right by Marques. Ishii lands an overhand left. Low kick by Marques. Another front kick by Marques. Ishii lands a couple of lefts, and Marques gets away from another clinch.



Round 3


Front kick by Marques before he backs up to counter Ishii’s pressure. A couple of left hands by Ishii backs Marques up to the fence, and Ishii is in, pressing and looking for the takedown. Marques is able to get away, however. Ishii pressing forward with combinations, but Marques firing back and trying to defend the pressure. Ishii presses Marques against the SmartCage again before Marques gets away. Marques misses an overhand right. Ishii comes forward again, desperate to try and get this fight to the ground. Some exchanging in the clinch, but Marques is resisting and fends off from the SmartCage again.


Low kick by Ishii. Left hand by Ishii. Marques tries for his own takedown, but Ishii shoves it off. Ishii pressures Marques against the SmartCage once again. Ishii lands some dirty inside boxing to the body as Marques holds Ishii in a Thai clinch. Marques gets off the fence with just under a minute left. Ishii comes forward with a barrage of strikes and presses Marques against the fence yet again. Marques clinched him to prevent Ishii from striking before the final 10 seconds, where the two let their hands go to the bell.





Danilo Marques def. Satoshi Ishii via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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