After an impressive run to kick off her professional MMA career, Dakota Ditcheva has been fairly dominant in the PFL thus far. She made her debut during last year’s PFL Playoffs, scoring a first-round TKO of Hassna Gaber. She followed that with a first-round knockout of Katherine Corogenes during the 2022 PFL Championship card. She advanced to tonight’s card with a first-round submission of Malin Hermansson in March.


After a 10-3 run on the amateur circuit, where she was a women’s bantamweight champion, Cornelia Holm enters tonight with a 6-5 record and two finishes. A freestyle wrestling specialist, Holm made her PFL debut in March with a split-decision win over Marta Waliczek.


Who will advance to Dublin and compete for the PFL women’s flyweight championship this December?



Round 1


Ditcheva focusing on a leg-kick attack to open up this fight. Holm comes inside and scores a takedown, but Ditcheva gets back to her feet. Holm presses Ditcheva against the PFL SmartCage. The two pummel and battle for control while against the fence. Holm making Ditcheva work while pressed against the SmartCage.


Holm looking for a couple of different takedowns — switching between double and single — before Ditcheva’s defense holding strong. With about 90 seconds left in the round, Ditcheva breaks off and lands a couple of powerful knees, forcing Holm into retreat. Holm grabs a hold of Ditcheva again and presses her back against the fence.



Round 2


Ditcheva lands a strong right hand early, briefly stunning Holm. Holm grabs a hold of one of Ditcheva’s legs, but she fights Holm off. A strong low kick from Ditcheva. Holm gets the leg and pins Ditcheva back against the fence. It doesn’t take long before the referee resets the fighters. Holm tries to get a takedown again, but Ditcheva avoids it and attacks.


Ditcheva landing straight shots on Holm and pressured her. Holm tries to get the fight to the ground, but it’s Ditcheva who pins Holm down and gets to her back. Ditcheva looking for chokes but doesn’t get anything, though she stays in mount. Holm is able to get out of it and back to her feet. Holm level changes not long after, but Ditcheva wraps her arm around Holm’s neck, trapping her in a guillotine. Ditcheva doesn’t get it in full, but Holm is trapped and she lands several punches on her.



Round 3


Right hand by Ditcheva, followed by a right leg kick. The two trying to keep pace and being strategic with their shot selection. Left hand by Ditcheva. Low kick by Ditcheva. Holm with a right hand. Front kick by Ditcheva to the body of Holm. Low kick by Ditcheva. Head kick lands for Ditcheva. Another pair of low kicks for Ditcheva. Right hand for Ditcheva lands behind Holm’s ear.


Ditcheva works the jab. Ditcheva lands a combination — one punch of which is a liver shot that takes Holm’s breath away! Holm crumbles in a heap!



Dakota Ditcheva extends her undefeated streak and will fight for PFL gold in Ireland this December!





Dakota Ditcheva defeats Cornelia Holm by 3rd round TKO


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