The undefeated Dakota Ditcheva has been on a roll since arriving to the PFL, earning a win during the 2022 PFL Playoffs with a finish of Hassna Gaber before winning a qualifying bout against Katherine Corogenes in a qualifying match during the 2022 PFL World Championships. Ditcheva continued to be a finishing machine throughout the women’s flyweight tournament, submitting Malin Hermansson and knocking out Cornelia Holm.


Like Ditcheva, Valentina Scatizzi made her professional MMA debut in March 2022 but only has three fights under her belt thus far. A flyweight champion on the amateur circuit, Scatizzi scored a split decision win over Lizzy Gevers on the first PFL Europe card in March. Scattizi, who trains out of SBG in Ireland, earned this spot in the finals after her scheduled semifinal opponent – Manuela Marconetto – missed weight.


Which woman will be considered an inaugural PFL Europe champion and win the $100,000 grand prize?


Round 1


Front kick by Ditcheva. Scatizzi with a combination. Ditcheva continues with a kick-focused offense, mixing up her targets and bringing on some nasty shots. Ditcheva pins Scatizzi against the fence. Ditcheva with a couple of knees. Scatizzi presses Ditcheva against the fence, which could give her a chance to catch her breath. Ditcheva eventually reverses and lands a couple of clinch knees. Left hand by Scatizzi. Ditcheva with a couple of more Thai clinch knees. Ditcheva has Scatizzi against the fence now and lands a few strong right hands upstairs. A couple of more knees from Ditcheva. Knee to the head by Ditcheva. Scatizzi battles out of Ditcheva’s grasp.



Ditcheva lands a strong right hand and clinches again with more knees. Ditcheva gets Scatizzi against the fence once more. Another strong knee, followed up some right hands from Ditcheva. Ditcheva continues to land upstairs and swells up Scatizzi’s eye. Scatizzi gets Ditcheva against the fence and tries for a double-leg takedown. Some inactivity as the two are against the fence, and the referee calls for a break before the 10-second warning. Ditcheva lands some more upstairs before the horn.


Scatizzi’s eye is looking rough. The doctor is called in before the start of the second round, and he will NOT let Scatizzi continue!




Dakota Ditcheva def. Valentina Scatizzi via first-round TKO (doctor’s stoppage, 5:00)