The second Women’s Flyweight fight on tonight’s card puts Gothenburg, Sweden native Cornelia Holm in the SmartCage against Polish prospect Marta Waliczek. Holm won the IMMAF European Open Championship in 2016 and 2017 while competing at Bantamweight, and entered PFL Europe after a 1-1 2022. Waliczek is a former FMMAS Women’s Bantamweight champion and former FEN Kickboxing Women’s 143lb champ. 

Round 1 


Cornelia Holm starts the fight cautiously, knowing that Marta Waliczek will want to dictate the tempo. Holm started to up the pressure after a minute or so, but isn’t landing anything meaningful early. Waliczek on the other hand, leads with the kicks and lands a few solid ones to Holm’s lead left leg.


Holm catches one of Waliczek’s kicks and brings the former kickboxing champ closer and eventually to a clinch. Waliczek is still moving more at this point of the fight but is starting to slow down slightly, while Holm is still walking down the Polish national.


Cornelia Holm begins to drag Marta Waliczek around with a necktie, and gets the fight to the mat of the SmartCage. Holm finishes the first round on top of the ground exchange, and sets us up for an interesting round number two.


Round 2


It seemed as if Cornelia Holm gained some confidence as the first round went on, and perhaps her confidence got the best of her as Marta Waliczek was able to land a huge head kick that dropped Holm to the canvas. Holm survived and was ordered back to her feet, but another big wheel kick from Waliczek landed, showcasing her kickboxing prowess.


Waliczek continues to lead with the kicks and lands more significant shots, but a calf kick from Cornelia Holm catches Waliczek mid-kick and chops down the plant leg, sending the fight back to the mat. Holm would do well to take the fight back to the feet, as it seemed the final calf kick really hurt Waliczek.


Holm maintained control on the mat to close out the round, but maybe could have taken advantage of a wounded Marta Waliczek and closed out the fight before the second round horn.


Round 3


Holm started out round three with a nice high jab as she tried to get inside Waliczek’s distance. The Swede only landed a few kicks in the fight, but each of them did real damage to Waliczek’s front plant leg. 


The fight goes back to the mat and Holm attempts to pass the half guard, but has to be careful of the butterfly hook counter from the Polish Waliczek. Holm continues to pressure the left shoulder of Waliczek, looking for the arm triangle to close out the fight.


Waliczek was patiently defending the arm triangle, but Holm dictated from top position in the third and final round. Over three minutes of control from the top position for Holm puts her in the driver’s seat late in the fight. Marta Waliczek reverses the position and breaks the hold, but now she needs a strong finish. Cornelia Holm lands a huge upkick with three seconds left, putting a bow on a dominant final round.






Cornelia Holm def. Marta Waliczek by Split Decision (29-28 Holm, 29-28 Waliczek, 29-28 Holm)