One of the most entertaining and popular fighters on the PFL roster, Clay Collard has stood out not only with his strong, speedy strikes, but also with his fighting spirit. Collard has been in some of the most memorable PFL bouts, including his legendary 2023 semifinal bout with Shane Burgos, but has yet to taste PFL gold in his time with the promotion. Collard was most recently in action at the PFL vs. Bellator Champions event in February, getting quickly submitted by A.J. McKee.


One of the longtime legends of the Bellator cage, Patricky Pitbull has showcased strength in his strikes, scoring victories over the likes of Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson. A black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who has scored 17 knockouts in his career, Pitbull finally claimed gold at Bellator 270 with a win over Peter Queally to capture the Bellator lightweight championship, becoming the first pair of siblings, alongside brother Patricio Pitbull, to simultaneously hold MMA world titles. Patricky Pitbull was most recently in action at Bellator 301, losing to Alexander Shabliy.



Round 1


Collard flashes his jab to start. Collard firing off long jabs. Collard lands a leg kick. One-two for Pitbull doesn’t land. Pitbull catches Collard coming in with a right hand. Collard lands a calf kick. Pitbull fires one in return. Pitbull lands a low jab and a high right hand. Three-punch combination from Pitbull. Low kick from Collard, and another one-two from Pitbull. Small combination from Collard. Right hand lands for Collard. Another low kick from Collard. Collard lands a combination on the inside. Pitbull tries for a knee and the two exchange. Pitbull briefly drops Collard with a hard right hand. Pitbull swings away for a bit before going for a takedown. Collard rolls through, however, and lands several uppercuts on Pitbull before they break on the feet.


Right hand and a left from Collard. Collard jabs to the body. Another low kick from Collard. Collard pressuring Pitbull, with Pitbull consistently near the SmartCage. Calf kick from Collard. Collard starts to increase his output, targeting the body. Front kick by Pitbull. Right hand lands for Collard. Pitbull lands one on the button during an exchange. Pitbull lands a knee. Collard fires a flurry with Pitbull’s back to the cage. Some dirty boxing now with clinch work from Collard. Collard with a four-punch combination from Collard. Pitbull misses a right hand. Collard continues to pressure and lands another couple of combinations before the bell.




Round 2


Collard tries to resume with the same pace as the end of the first round. Low kicks from both men. Right hand by Pitbull. Both men land strong strikes. Pitbull misses the knee attempt. Right hand and a left hook to the body for Collard. Left hand by Pitbull. Collard works some single shots before firing off a small flurry with Pitbull against the fence. Collard gets Pitbull back against the SmartCage, landing another flurry. Collard pours it on to the body. Now to the head! The referee steps in!



“Cassius” Clay Collard uses his signature body attack, and the insane volume of punches in his attack, and it nets him a second-round victory!





Clay Collard defeats Patricky Pitbull by 2nd round TKO (1:32), earning 5 points in the PFL Lightweight Division