Scotland’s Mark Ewen had an extensive amateur MMA run, going 11-3-1 on that circuit, with all wins coming via a finish. The striking specialist continued his momentum into his pro career, entering tonight’s card with a 5-0 record. Known for his aggression and finishing ability, Ewen most recently fought at Bellator 299, scoring a second-round finish of Noah Gugnon.


Italy’s Claudio Pacella is 3-2 in the sport since making his professional MMA debut in July 2021. A striking specialist like his opponent, Pacella is a former lightweight champion on the regional scene, known for his knockout power. Pacella competed at the PFL Europe event in March, dropping a decision to Patrick Habirora.


Who will be victorious in this lightweight showcase?



Round 1


Pacella starts with two low kicks. Pacella misses the one-two. Ewen lands a leg kick, and Pacella lands two more. Another low kick from Pacella. Ewen with a low kick. Both land hard right hands. Ewen fakes a knee. One-two from Pacella. Ewen feints upstairs and lands a low kick. Pacella with another low kick. One-two from Ewen. Combination from Ewen. Another low kick from Pacella. Right hand over the top by Pacella. Ewen pressuring and flashing an uppercut.


Pacella digs to the body. Kick to the body from Ewen. Big knee lands to the head of Pacella. Ewen with a couple of right hands. Pacella misses a right hand. One-two by Pacella. The two exchange combinations. Powerful right hand wobbles Ewen! Another big right hand from Pacella. Pacella lands another right and he has Ewen wobbly against the fence. Pacella eats a right hand. The two trade before Pacella presses Ewen against the fence. Upon separating, Ewen with a low kick. Right hand from Pacella as the two swing away late. Pacella lands another couple of right hands before the horn.



Round 2


The two trading early. Pacella landing the right hand again, picking back up where he left off. Another right hand that hurts Ewen. Pacella continuing to land with Ewen against the fence. Knee by Ewen. The two trading nasty shots near the fence. Ewen trying to tie Pacella up. Pacella lands a knee to the midsection. Pacella shows the left hand. The two firing away again against the fence! High kick by Ewen is blocked.


Another right hand lands upstairs for Pacella. Pacella has Ewen against the fence. Knee in a clinch from Ewen. Ewen throws a couple of more knees before separation. Now Pacella lands a knee. Pacella continuing to pressure Ewen, but Ewen lands a counter. One-two from Pacella. Ewen looking to bring pressure, but Pacella brings it right back. Ewen now has the center and is chasing Pacella down, but the round ends.



Round 3


Left hand by Pacella. Low kick by Ewen. Small combination from Pacella. Both men land a low kick. Right hand to the body by Pacella. Low kick by Pacella. Combination by Pacella. Jab by Ewen. Straight left by Pacella. Low kick from Pacella has Ewen’s legs hurt. Pacella putting Ewen against the fence again. Knee by Ewen. Left hand by Pacella. Left hand and a front kick from Ewen. Body combination by Pacella.



Combination from Ewen. Right hand over the top by Pacella. Pacella lands again, and he drops Ewen! Ewen gets up, but Pacella pounds away against the fence! Pacella stops and presses Ewen against the fence. Pacella landing some knees. Ewen reverses and now he’s pursuing a takedown of Pacella. Pacella defending and is able to circle off, and the two separate with about 45 seconds left. Pacella lands a couple of powerful body shots before the two jockey for position against the SmartCage again. Ewen pressing Pacella against the fence before a small flurry before the bell.





Claudio Pacella defeats Mark Ewen by unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28) in a Lightweight Showcase Fight (non-season fight).