An SBG Ireland product who has competed exclusively for Bellator since making his pro debut, Ciaran Clarke enters tonight with the third-longest active win streak in Bellator with eight straight victories. Clarke began his combat sports journey through boxing at age 12 before transitioning to MMA a few years later. Clarke most recently fought at Bellator 299 in September, submitting Przemyslaw Gorny.


Known for an entertaining fight style, none of Darius Mafi’s six professional MMA fights have gone past the first round. Mafi, who has four knockouts and one submission to his credit thus far, was defeated by Ali Taleb in a showcase bout during the 2022 PFL Playoffs. Since then, Mafi has rebounded with a TKO of Lewis Nord in July 2023.


Will Clarke’s run continue with another strong outing tonight in Belfast? Or can Mafi score another finish?



Round 1


Mafi goes into a low stance as they circle each other in the center. Left jab from Clarke. Mafi throws a straight. Mafi tries to come inside, but Clarke lands a couple of strong needs. Mafi backs up Clarke with a strong uppercut. One-two from Mafi coming in, but Clarke avoids it and lands a counter left. Another one-two from Mafi. Straight left from Clarke. Right hand, followed by a left jab from Clarke. Clarke level changes and scores a takedown, quickly getting to Mafi’s back. Two right hands from Clarke. Mafi tries to use the fence, and he’s able to get his back away from Clarke. Clarke now on top in half-guard tries to work and put his own body between Mafi and the fence.


Clarke remains in top position and maintains a strong wrist control on Mafi, though Mafi is fighting off Clarke’s attempts to regain control of the back. Clarke uses repeated right hands to try and open Mafi up, but Mafi is eating them. In top half-guard position again, Clarke continues to rain down. Mafi frees his hand, but Clarke transitions positions, keeping control of Mafi’s hips and trying to work into mount as the round ends.



Round 2


Mafi fires off an early flurry, but Clarke gets inside and lands a single-leg takedown. Mafi scrambles to his feet quickly, but Clarke gets back the wrist control he had previously. Uppercut from Mafi upon the fight returning to the center. High kick attempt from Mafi. Clarke lands a strong left jab, and Mafi tries to return fire with a combination. Clarke does it again before scoring another takedown on Mafi. Clarke returns the fight back to the half-guard position from before, applying the same pressure.


Clarke appears to be going for some sort of wrap choke as he looks to get into the full mount position. Clarke is looking for an arm-triangle setup, but Mafi is looking to struggle out of Clarke’s control. Clarke kept cross-body control, keeping a hold of a leg, wrist control, and the pressure on his head. Clarke, in half-mount, rains down several left hands. Clarke with unrelenting and dominant control in the second round.



Round 3


Mafi misses a front kick. Mafi tries to come forward, but Clarke lands a cross on the back foot. Clarke gets another takedown and gets right back into action. Clarke looks to lock up an arm-triangle choke, and he gets it!



Dominant performance from Ciaran Clarke ends with him scoring the tapout!





Ciaran Clarke defeats Darius Mafi by 3rd Round Submission (Arm Triangle) [0:41] in a bantamweight bout