This will be Chelsea Hackett’s first fight in MMA in three years. A former Muay Thai champion, Hackett transitioned to MMA full-time in 2019 and racked up a 3-1-1 record. After going unbeaten in her first four fights, Hackett lost to Victoria Leonardo in her most recent bout. Hackett was scheduled to compete earlier this year in the PFL Challenger Series but was forced out due to visa issues.


Ky Bennett is 3-2 in her first five fights thus far. Her most recent fight came in May, scoring a second-round TKO of Kendal Holowell.


These two Muay Thai experts will wage war in a women’s flyweight showcase, looking to make an impression on PFL fight fans and officials.


Round 1

Bennett misses a low kick as she looks to press forward right away. Hackett immediately clinches up and gets Bennett to the PFL SmartCage. The two trading knees in Hackett’s body lock. Hackett sweeps and is able to get Bennett down. Hackett gets to Bennett’s back, but Bennett gets back to her feet as they battle back in the body lock. Hackett tries to change position, but Bennett holds and lands a couple of knees. Bennett then is able to reverse position and pin Hackett against the fence, throwing a couple of knees. Bennett presses Hackett against the fence.


Hackett reverses position and gets the double underhook. Hackett pummeling while Bennett looks for underhooks. Hackett tries to sweep Bennett’s leg again, but Bennett defends well. The two trading knees against the fence while battling for position. Now Bennett has Hackett against the SmartCage once again, only for Hackett to reverse once more. Hackett temporarily gets another takedown, but Bennett gets back to her feet.


Round 2

Bennett misses a knee to start. High kick from Hackett. Bennett presses forward, working her right hand. Bennett goes in again, but Hackett cracks her with a counter right. Bennett stumbles back as Hackett comes forward and takes Bennett down. Bennett gets up briefly, but Hackett easily brings her down. Hackett has an underhook and is in top position, landing a couple of strikes to the body. Hackett gets into mount and lands a few shots to Bennett’s head.



Bennett tries to struggle out, but Hackett works the left hand. Some of those shots are nasty and landing. Hackett gets around Bennett’s neck and squeezes, but it’s over the chin. Hackett lands a couple of more nasty shots. Hackett has a body lock on Bennett as she sits up. Hackett brings her back and goes for a rear-naked choke, but Bennett survives it as Hackett transitions back into full mount. Ground-and-pound from mount as Bennett gives up her back again. Hackett goes for the choke again, and this time she’s under the chin and gets the tap!



Chelsea Hackett’s PFL debut is a dominant second-round submission display!




Chelsea Hackett def. Ky Bennett via second-round submission (rear-naked choke, 4:42)


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