After winning four state wrestling championships in high school, Bryce Meredith went on to NCAA Division-I wrestling, with one year at North Carolina State and three at the University of Wyoming. He finished his collegiate career with a 108-21 record, becoming a three-time All-American and a two-time NCAA finalist. After three wins via finish to start his career on the regional scene, Meredith signed with Bellator, submitting Brandon Carrillo at Bellator 293 and defeating Miguel Peimbert by decision at Bellator 300.


This will be Ty Johnson’s 20th fight in professional MMA since making his debut in 2019. The Dominican Republic native has had a decent career thus far with his activity, scoring 13 wins and capturing multiple featherweight titles on the regional circuit. Johnson, who has nine wins via stoppage, most recently fought in November, scoring a decision over Motaz Askar.


With these two talented, young fighters squaring off, who will make an impression in this bantamweight showcase?



Round 1


Johnson misses a right as the two meet in the center. Johnson tries to start up his striking, but Meredith shoots for the takedown. Johnson struggles but ends up on top and attempts a leg lock early. The action returns to the feet. Three-punch combination for Meredith. Meredith lands a couple of hooks. Johnson catches Meredith coming in. Meredith lands a right hand to knock Johnson down. Meredith comes over for some ground-and-pound as Johnson looks to tie up on the ground. Johnson tries to throw up a triangle, and Meredith brings him up with his arm. Johnson lets go of the triangle, but the fight returns to the ground with Johnson looking for Meredith’s back.


Meredith lands a few strong right hands that seem to trouble Johnson. Meredith continues this striking attack on the ground as Johnson looks to scramble and defend. Johnson’s nose is bloodied. Johnson tries for a heel hook attempt with less than 90 seconds to go in the first round. Johnson tries for a sweep attempt, as Meredith lands a few right hands. Johnson scrambles and gets to Meredith’s back briefly before trying for a triangle choke. Meredith escapes it and lands some more ground-and-pound on top. Meredith ends the round standing over a downed Johnson.




Round 2


High kick from Johnson is blocked. Johnson’s takedown attempt is stopped. Meredith looks to return to the right hand that gave him success in the first round, while Johnson comes out swinging. Meredith lands a couple of low kicks. Both men landed small combinations. Meredith catches a kick from Johnson and the fight returns to the mat. Meredith gets into side control. Meredith lands a few left hands as he tries to improve position. Johnson gets his legs up and gets the guard back up.


Johnson gets his legs locked together in a figure-four, appearing to be going for an armbar, but Meredith separates the legs. Meredith back in Johnson’s guard. Johnson looks for another leg lock. Meredith doesn’t seem troubled but he struggles a bit before getting out of the attempt and returning to his feet. Johnson lands a knee. Another combination from Meredith, continuing with the success the right hand has found. Johnson tries for another leg lock, but Meredith again fights it off. Meredith ends the round on top in Johnson’s guard.




Round 3


Johnson starts the round with a combination. Meredith returns fire. Johnson tries for another takedown, but Meredith holds him off and gets right back into his top game. Johnson tries to land heel strikes on Meredith’s thighs, but they don’t give Meredith any trouble. Johnson gets back to his feet. Small combination from Johnson. Small body kick from Johnson. Johnson gets hit with another strong right from Meredith. Johnson is still coming forward, showing a strong chin, but he doesn’t seem to be doing much to hurt Meredith.


Meredith scores a takedown and gets back into Johnson’s guard. Meredith lands a couple of left hands to the body. Johnson tries to lock up one of Meredith’s arms again, looking for an omoplata attempt, but it’s not doing much. Meredith dislodges his arm from Johnson’s grip. Meredith fires off more shots from top control, fighting off Johnson’s attempts of grappling control or getting out of the bottom. This stays for the rest of the fight – a strong performance from Bryce Meredith.





Bryce Meredith defeats Ty Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27x3) in a PFL Showcase Bout