Keeping the Lightweight action going, 2022 Challenger Series contract winner Bruno Miranda takes on Ahmed Amir as Brazil meets Bahrain in what should be an exciting affair. Miranda has not lost a fight in six years and brings a five-fight winning streak into the SmartCage tonight. Amir meanwhile becomes the first Egyptian-born fighter to grace the SmartCage after becoming a two division champion in the Middle East. We’ll see what happens as the PFL Regular Season rolls on.


Round 1 

The fighters touch gloves and we’re off with more Regular Season Lightweight action. Miranda is attempting to get inside and walk Amir down but doesn’t want to be overly zealous and get caught. Miranda rushes in but can’t land anything clean as Amir gets out of danger and returns fire but also can’t find the target.

Miranda lands a low kick but drops his hand and Amir punishes him for the mistake with a lightning quick straight right that lands flush. Amir seems to have a bit of a speed advantage to pair with his length advantage so far as Miranda is struggling to get inside and land.

It’s been mostly Miranda coming forward but neither fighter has landed much so far as Miranda lands a nice outside low kick. Amir dives in for a takedown and it looks like he may have dove directly into the knee of Miranda who doesn’t seem to realize his opponent is hurt.

Miranda lands a BIG left and drops Amir with 1:45 remaining in the round! Amir is telegraphing takedowns and Miranda seems to be stalking his prey at this point, landing a big left hook and walking Amir down. 

Amir is doing a good job moving laterally to keep himself in this fight and prevent Miranda from just swarming him and Amir feints the jab and lands a nice left hook of his own. Miranda reloads again and lands another big hook that sits Amir down! Miranda keeps the pressure on and lands another big right hand for his third knockdown of the round as Amir is saved by the bell.


Round 2


Our second round begins and Miranda seems quite measured here but lands a big right hand early followed by an inside low kick. Miranda is very unorthodox with his timing and Amir is having trouble pinning him down as Miranda lands another one-two and knocks Amir down for a fourth time!


How is Amir still in this fight? And still coming forward and throwing no less! Miranda comes forward once more and lands big on Amir whose left eye is beginning to swell shut at this point.  Miranda buzzes Amir again and forces a lazy takedown attempt that is easily defended.  Miranda is doing whatever he wants right now, going to the body and head and easily fending off Amir’s takedown attempts.


It’s all Bruno Miranda now as Amir is somehow still surviving halfway through the second round. Miranda looks to be taking a breather here and monitoring his output as he lands another nice left hook. Amir lands a nice inside low kick but is being out struck at a four to one rate so far as Miranda lands another big left hook right uppercut combination.


Amir clinches and changes levels once again and once again he can’t do anything with it as Miranda scores his fifth knockdown of the fight with just under a minute remaining in the round. Miranda looks at the ref wondering what more he’ll need to do before exploding with about 20 seconds in the round and landing another big combination.


Amir lands a nice lead uppercut as the 10 second clapper hits and we will see a third round here somehow. What a showing from Miranda through two rounds.


Round 3


Amir will most definitely need a finish at this point as Miranda is now a -2000 live betting favorite but Amir is still coming forward. AGAIN Miranda knocks Amir down with a big hook combo but Amir is right back in it and still fighting somehow.




This is an incredible display of toughness as it looks like fatigue is starting to set in for Miranda. Amir just misses with a big right hand and they reset. Miranda lands a heavy outside low kick and a second one that twists the knee of Amir who is still somehow coming forward.


Miranda sticks Amir with a jab that causes him to stagger backwards. Amir is still coming forward and finally is able to land a takedown but Miranda quickly gets his back to the fence and grabs the whizzer as he looks to build back to his feet. Amir needs to turn up the urgency here with under two minutes remaining as he tries to take the back but Miranda defends.  Amir gets the back but is able to get back to his feet and with just about a minute remaining Amir needs to abandon the takedown attempt and just look to do damage.


With time ticking away Amir is still looking to attack the back but he’s too low and can’t do anything effective with it. With thirty seconds remaining Amir is still trying to ride the back of Miranda as they break position and Miranda lands a flying knee for yet another knockdown! What an absolute beating and what a chin on Amir.




Bruno Miranda dominates Ahmed Amir but cannot find the finish, earning three points in the Lightweight division.


Bruno Miranda def. Ahmed Amir by Unanimous Decision (30-27 3x)