An Xtreme Couture product, Brahyan Zurcher is 5-0 as a pro after a successful amateur career that included a title win in his native Mexico. A striking expert, Zurcher’s PFL experience thus far has seen a decision win over Scottie Stockman in the Challenger Series last year, a decision win over Ricardo Jimenez in a showcase bout last August and a submission of David Evans earlier this year in the Challenger Series.


Mike Bardsley, a wrestling expert who is 3-0 as a pro, won a pair of lightweight championships as an amateur before dropping to featherweight when he made his professional debut last year. Bardsley, who is making his PFL debut here tonight, is coming off a third-round submission victory just a couple of months ago.


This pair of unbeaten featherweights will look to continue their runs as they look to hopefully score bigger opportunities with the PFL.



Round 1


Zurcher and Bardsley meet in the center. Bardsley with a kick to the side before the two trade kicks. Zurcher comes forward, while Bardsley bounces around on the outside. Bardsley gets his hands going a bit about a minute in. Zurcher comes forward with a combination, while Bardsley connects with a kick low and inside. Zurcher lands a hard leg kick


Zurcher clinches up and lands some inside strikes as he pushes Bardsley against the SmartCage. Zurcher scores a takedown, but Bardsley is able to get to his feet. Zurcher lands a knee to the body as he has Bardsley pinned against the fence again. The two separate with 80 seconds left in the round. Bardsley trying to come forward with strikes before an exchange of kicks again. Zurcher tested his distance and he’s able to land. Both throw small flurries before the bell.



Round 2


Another exchange of kicks to start. An overhand right from Zurcher, and Bardsley slips a little as he’s once again on the back foot. Bardsley with a couple of low kicks answered by Zurcher. Zurcher comes forward with a one-two, which Bardsley answers with one of his own. High kick by Zurcher partially lands. Bardsley comes forward with a combination. Bardsley once again near the SmartCage. A one-two from Zurcher, but Bardsley comes forward with another combination.


Zurcher cracks Bardsley with a right hand and he’s quickly stunned. Zurcher lands a crisp left hook. Zurcher lands a couple of more left hands, and Bardsley is once again on his back foot. Right hand from Zurcher. One-two from Bardsley. Low kick by Zurcher and a one-two by Bardsley.


An uppercut and left hook from Zurcher drops Bardsley and the referee stops it! Bardsley gets up and doesn’t like the call, but Zurcher gets his first-ever KO and improves to 6-0!






Brahyan Zurcher def. Mike Bardsley via second-round KO (punches, 4:45)


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