When Andre Harrison saw the date for his next fight, he immediately noticed the problem.

It was the same day as the pizza party he'd already organized for his daughter's fifth birthday. Was there any chance his employers would reschedule the fight? Plenty of bosses wouldn't consider the request much beyond whether to laugh, shrug or sneer. Harrison understood that but figured he should ask. At least when he gave his daughter the standard talk about grown-ups sometimes having to do things they don't want to, he would know he'd done his due diligence.

Then a funny thing happened: The bosses helped him out.

"There were a couple other cards coming up, and I asked them could I fight on one of those that wasn't specifically on my daughter's birthday," Harrison said.

"They did everything to get me on the right card. Other people might have said, 'So what if it's your daughter's birthday?'"