Billy Elekana participated in backyard boxing and street fights in his younger days, but a life-changing incident made him find his way to MMA. Thus far as a pro, Elekana is 5-1 with three finishes. After a 2-1 run with the LFA, Elekana earned an opportunity with the PFL Challenger Series earlier this year, earning a unanimous decision over Tristan Ovevrig in March.


Since turning pro in 2018, Chuck Campbell has racked up a 5-2 (1 NC) record that has seen in compete in Bellator, Cage Warriors, and Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat. He most recently fought on New Year’s Eve at Cage Warriors 148, losing to Modestas Bukauskas in a bout for the Cage Warriors light heavyweight title.


This showcase bout will see these two light heavyweights look to make a case for themselves to get bigger opportunities here in the PFL.


Round 1

Campbell comes forward as the two feel each other out. Elekana backs up to keep his range as Campbell tries to work his jab. Elekana throws a jab. Round kick to the body by Elekana. Campbell rushes in and pins Elekana against the PFL SmartCage. The two battle in the clinch, with Campbell looking for underhooks. Campbell lands a knee to the body. Campbell tries for a sweep but can’t get it. The referee separates them with a little less than three minutes to go.


Elekana lands a sharp low kick, back in the center of the cage. Elekana misses with a high kick. Campbell fires off a small combination. Campbell just misses a low kick. Campbell throws a flurry. Side kick to the body Elekana. Campbell responds by working the left hand. Elekana lands upstairs, but Campbell throws a high kick and comes in to pin Elekana against the fence once again. Elekana looks for a guillotine, and it’s enough to get Campbell to let go and reverse position against the SmartCage. A low kick by Campbell, and Elkana responds with a body kick. Campbell then fires off a small combination before another clinch battle. Both men land a knee before the bell.


Round 2

A couple of low kicks to the shin by Elekana to start. The pace has slowed in the first minute of the second round, as Campbell appears to be tired. Elekana catches Campbell coming in with a check hook. One-two from Campbell. Another low kick attempt from Elekana, but it’s missed. Campbell lands another one-two. One-two by Elekana, followed by a jab from Campbell.


Campbell gets a takedown of Elekana, and Elekana has to battle his way back to the feet. Campbell lands a knee to the body as he has Elekana against the fence. The two jockeying for position in the clinch as they battle along the SmartCage. The ref separates them with about 90 seconds left in the round. Low kick by Elekana. Campbell landing on the outside before shooting in for another takedown attempt. Elekana lands a solid uppercut on Campbell, forcing him to retreat with about 15 seconds left. Campbell goes to land again and they clinch up once more before the bell.


Round 3

The two feel each other out to start the round with Elekana on the front foot. Elekana with a low kick. Elekana with a front kick. Elekana with a hook and another front kick. Elekana backing Campbell up but only delivering single shots. Campbell jabs to the body. Campbell catches Elekana coming in. Right hand by Elekana as Campbell trying to stay in position and press. Campbell comes in and fires a flurry, faking with a level change.


Kick to the body by Elekana, who is circling against the PFL SmartCage with Campbell now the one on the front foot. Low kick by Elekana. Campbell goes in for another takedown but Elekana doing a decent job of holding him off. Campbell throws a combination with Elekana still against the fence before he goes in for another takedown attempt. Campbell lands a strong right hand, and Elekana responds with a hook. Elekana lands a knee before a couple of hooks from Campbell. Elekana with another knee as the two exchange to the final bell.




Billy Elekana def. Chuck Campbell via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)


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