In our second bout of the evening, 23 year old jiu jitsu ace Tristan Overvig takes on Billy Elekana in a battle of two fathers fighting to provide a better life for their children. Ironically enough, Overig is most notable for a loss he suffered in a three hour long grappling match with Adam Bradley. Elekana meanwhile decided to pursue MMA after being stabbed in the back one night and chose to turn his life around.


Round 1 


The fighters touch gloves and we’re off as Overig rushes in behind an overhand right early but can’t connect.  They reset and Elekana lands a nice jab before Overig rushes in a little wild again.  In a key moment, Overvig shoots and Elekana stuffs his first takedown attempt but it may not matter for long as Overvig keeps the clinch and is in deep on a single leg takedown attempt.


Overvig briefly gets it to the mat but can’t establish control as Elekana pops right back to his feet.  Overvig seems relentless however and won’t relinquish his position on the leg.  Elekana has defended well thus far, using the cage and his underhooks to stay on his feet but he’ll also need to do some damage here.


Elekana circles off and reverses position along the SmartCage and Overvig decides his best move is to pull guard with 90 seconds remaining but it will be tough to finish a submission against the fence.  Elekana tries to stack Overvig and Overvig lands a nice up kick before Elekana drops back into his guard and lands some big ground and pound.


Oh! Elekana unloads a barrage of hooks and uppercuts punctuated with a big knee and seems to have Overvig hurt here.  Overvig however is able to stay on his feet and in the clinch, not allowing himself to absorb more damage before the end of the round.


Round 2 


The bell rings and the second round is underway with Overvig opening with a high kick that misses badly before diving in deep on a single leg.  Elekana once again defends well, getting his back to the fence and making his base wide and center of gravity low.


Overvig is staying with this takedown attempt but hasn’t made much advancement on the position as the ref begins to take a look and think about separating them.  Elekana is able to pummel for an underhook and reverse position, landing some short knees and punches.


Elekana is doing a much better job of doing damage with position as Overvig once again attempts to pull guard but can’t get it to the mat.  The referee decides he’s seen enough and brings the fighters back to the middle.


Right away Elekana is landing with a nice lead hook and a big straight right hand behind it as he clearly has the advantage at range here but Overvig finally connects with a big looping right hand.  Elekana throws a naked rear uppercut and Overvig takes advantage, slipping off to the side and grabbing the clinch but Elekana again reverses and presses Overvig into the fence, again throwing short punches and staying busier than Overvig has in these positions.


With 15 seconds to go in the round Overvig finally gets a takedown but again Elekana is right back to his feet and he lands a massive flurry of straight punches to end the round as Overvig was just a bit lazy with his defense and getting back to his feet.


Round 3


We begin our final round and Overvig will likely need a finish to win this fight at this point as he narrowly avoids a high kick from Elekana before shooting in on a single once more.  Again Elekana is defending well and using his shin to frame off the body of Overvig.


After a stalemate, Overvig breaks and lands a nice two punch combo on the break and Elekana lands a MASSIVE knee up the middle that hurts Overvig badly.  Elekana follows him to the mat looking to finish but still has to respect the danger of Overvig’s jiu jitsu.




Elekana may be better off disengaging and letting the ref stand them up as Overvig easily closes his guard and starts throwing up armbar and submission attempts. Elekana is landing some nice ground and pound but his best path to a finish and therefore a PFL contract likely remains standing up as Overvig begins isolating and attacking the right leg of Elekana.


Overvig looks close to a knee bar here but Elekana makes him pay for the attempt, landing some massive blows with 40 seconds remaining as Overvig continues to attack the leg.  Elekana finishes the fight just pounding Overvig in an impressive showcase of skill.




Billy Elekana wins on the feet and the ground to defeat Tristan Overvig and show his skill in all facets of martial arts.


Billy Elekana def. Tristan Overvig via UD (30-27 3x)