The grandson of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, Biaggo Ali Walsh, makes his second trip to the SmartCage following a successful debut at Madison Square Garden at last year’s PFL World Championship. Ali Walsh initially used MMA to work on his conditioning for college football but understands that he has quite the legacy to live up to tonight as he takes on Isaiah Figueroa who is inspired by his mothers battle with cancer. Our main card starts now.


Round 1 

The fight begins with a Figueroa calf kick followed by a takedown attempt that Ali Walsh sprawls perfectly on. Ali Walsh lands a heavy 1-2 before Figueroa shoots once again but again Ali Walsh sprawls out of danger.

Ali Walsh is keeping the pressure on, staying aggressive and throwing volume here early as Figueroa lands a nice front kick but Ali Walsh lands a BIG right hand and Figueroa is hurt! Ali Walsh smells blood in the water and keeps the pressure on, landing another right before Figueroa buys himself a moment but it was just a moment as Ali Walsh closes the distance once again and lands a bomb of a right hand and the referee has seen enough, Biaggo Ali Walsh moves to 2-0 in the SmartCage!





Biaggo Ali Walsh gets his second consecutive first round TKO in the SmartCage!


Biaggo Ali Walsh def. Isaiah Figueroa by first round TKO (Right Cross, 1:42)