Biaggio Ali Walsh will look to make it six straight wins by knockout during tonight’s PFL World Championships. It was 364 days ago tonight that the PFL world was first introduced to the grandson of the legendary boxing great Muhammad Ali, scoring a first-round knockout of Tom Graesser in a showcase bout in last year’s World Championships card. Since then, Ali Walsh has competed in three Showcase bouts during 2023, scoring first-round stoppages of Isaiah Figueroa and Travell Miller, as well as a second-round knockout of Ed Davis in August.


Joel Lopez will be making his first appearance with the PFL in this bout. Originally training in kickboxing before moving over to MMA, Lopez earned finishes in all three of his amateur fights thus far. His most recent bout prior to tonight came in October 2022, submitting Travis Snyder.


Both men will look to make an impression on PFL fans and officials in this amateur lightweight showcase, as they continue to develop themselves as fighters and earn future opportunities.



Round 1


Low kick from Lopez. Left hand from Lopez. Low kick from Ali Walsh. Low kick from Lopez, which is countered with a jab from Ali Walsh. Lopez attacks the body with kicks, but Ali Walsh with a one-two, followed by a small flurry. Front kick misses. Another flurry by Ali Walsh, who has Lopez against the fence. Right hand by Ali Walsh to counter another kick from Lopez. Lopez with a right hand that lands. Lopez starts to connect, using his range.


Lopez shoots in, grabbing a hold of Ali Walsh, but Ali Walsh pummels his way out. Right hand goes up the middle for Ali Walsh. Ali Walsh lands to the body. Low kick from Ali Walsh. Lopez lands a couple of jabs. One-two for Lopez. Right hand by Ali Walsh. Low kick by Ali Walsh. Round kick by Lopez to the body. Ali Walsh lands with a left hook inside. Lopez counters with his own hook.



Round 2


Low kicks from Ali Walsh to start. One-two from Lopez. Ali Walsh drops Lopez with a left hook! Lopez is back on his feet but backs up to the fence. Ali Walsh throws a flurry, but Lopez recovers. Another flurry from Ali Walsh, but Lopez catches him with a left! Ali Walsh slows down his pace and Lopez is able to get off the fence. Ali Walsh with a combination, as Lopez starts to circle. Ali Walsh lands a couple of right hands, and Lopez faceplants! He’s out cold!


Biaggio Ali Walsh scores another knockout in the PFL SmartCage!





Biaggio Ali Walsh def. Joel Lopez via second-round KO (punch, 1:24)


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