After 4 delightful bouts which featured 3 finishes, we’ve arrived at the most important part of the night, the contract!  Amanda Leve, Evelyn Martins, Jackie Cataline, and Michelle Montague all won their bouts and all but Leve did so by finish, making this a tough decision for all involved.

As a refresher, the Challenger Series contract awarding process works as follows:  First, the promotion will cut the eligible winning fighters from four to two.  At this point, fans will vote in the Bud Light Fan Vote to pick who they think deserve a contract!  If the fans agree with the celebrity panel, that fighter is awarded a contract.  If not, it goes to Ray Sefo for a tiebreaker. 

Without further ado, let’s get to it! First things first, we need to narrow it from four winners to two finalists.  It looks like our finalists tonight will be Michelle Montague and Amanda Leve! Montague won her bout by rear naked choke after winning a Challenger Series bout at Lightweight with the same submission.  Meanwhile, Leve won a decision tonight after winning her PFL debut by submission in a thrilling comeback.

As we wait for the fan vote to come in, it’s razor close but Amanda Leve seems to be edging it out with 57% of the vote as we go to commercial for the final time tonight.  If that holds and the celebrity panel agrees, Leve will be awarded a contract.  If that result holds and the celebrity panel votes Montague, we’ll go to Ray Sefo for a tiebreaker vote.  The stakes are as high as can be with a chance at a PFL contract and a million dollars on the line!

Wow! The celebrity panel goes with Michelle Montague after much deliberation! We now go to the fan vote which goes to Amanda Leve! This one is going to come down to a Ray Sefo tiebreaker.  After a short soliloquy, Ray Sefo awards a contract to Amanda Leve. Welcome to the PFL!