Welcome one welcome all to Week 8 of the PFL Challenger Series: Second Chance Week! There’s one more contract on the line and kicking off the action is a Welterweight scrap between Sadeck Sanon and Ali Omar. Sanon has won three straight bouts, with the latest two coming at Anthony Pettis FC, while Omar has won five amateur titles and finished three of four of his professional wins. This should be an exciting bout to kick things off.


Round 1 


The bell rings and we’re off as Omar fires a heavy body kick that lands hard on Sanon. Sanon returns with a low kick and again Omar lands a nice body kick. They reset and Omar lands a nice little flurry of punches up top followed by a nice uppercut set up with a hip feint.


Sanon decides to clinch, pummeling for double underhooks before Omar is able to recover a whizzer. They continue to jockey for position before breaking and resetting as Sanon lands a nice inside low kick with a left hand behind it with three minutes to go.


It feels like Sanon is beginning to find the range now, landing some long strikes but missing a monster left hook as Omar lands a stiff jab and angles off. Sanon is relentless though, walking him down and keeping the pressure on as Omar again lands that shovel hook/uppercut up the middle.  Sanon keeps the pressure on and lands a nice left straight with just over 90 seconds to go.


Omar is loading up on everything and needs to settle down a bit as he shoots a double but gets reversed and Sanon winds up in a dominant position on top with a minute to go. Sanon isn’t able to keep the position long as Omar gets back to his feet before the fighters scramble with Sanon briefly getting dominant position and landing some strikes before Omar again gets back up. Omar lands a nice knee up the middle to the body  of Sanon that seems to really bother him and he knows it, following up with a beautiful spinning back kick as the round ends.



Round 2


Round two begins and both fighters rush to the center of the SmartCage before Sanon is able to take control of the center and land that inside low kick again. Sanon is finding his range now, landing a heavy one two combo before Omar shoots and Sanon successfully sprawls.


The fighters jockey for position in the clinch and Omar briefly lands a nice uchi mata toss but Sanon is back to his feet instantly before Omar lands the same toss again with the same result as Sanon uses a kimura grip to transition.


Omar lands a nice overhand right before shooting a double leg once more and being stuffed once again. Sanon has done well with the defensive grappling so far as Omar lands a beautiful spinning heel kick! No clue how Sanon just ate that one, but he’s still marching forward looking to do damage as Omar comes forward and lands a nice lead right hook.




Sanon catches a kick from Omar and sticks him with a big straight left hand, sending him to the mat briefly before Omar pops back up and begins throwing punches once more. Omar seems to be answering the pressure well at this point as Sanon lands another nice straight left with an inside leg kick behind it.


As the round comes to a close Omar throws the heel kick once more but can’t land it and that will be the round. This has been a back and forth affair to start the evening.


Round 3


Our final round is underway and again Omar is able to land that shovel uppercut as Sanon turns the pressure up once more, landing a nice straight left and an inside kick.  Omar lands big and Sanon seems hurt! Omar senses the moment and turns up the pressure, landing a beautiful combination of punches to the head and body before Sanon is able to recover.


Once he gets his wits about him, Sanon lands another big left hand and buys himself some time before Omar shoots and briefly gets Sanon to the mat before Sanon is able to get back up and break.


Sanon seems to be tiring a bit as Omar closes the distance behind a right hook, clinching along the fence and looking for another takedown. Omar is biting hard on the fakes of Sanon now as Omar makes a huge mistake, shooting lazily and getting reversed directly into mount by Sanon.  


Sanon takes the back briefly but Omar is able to shake him off and get back to his feet with two minutes to go in the round. Omar lands that uppercut once again as Sanon returns fire with a BIG one two.


Both men are landing big strikes and both have their hands at their waist, eschewing defense for offense as Omar again strikes but is reversed and Sanon winds up on top, eventually just getting up with 30 seconds to go as both fighters empty the tank! They trade blows before Omar shoots once more unsuccessfully and that’s the fight.




After a back and forth affair, Ali Omar takes a split decision!


Ali Omar def. Sadeck Sanon via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 3-27)