Originally finding Muay Thai as a base before transitioning to full MMA training, Adam Borics has shown plenty of success in his 10-year professional career thus far. Borics has just lost two of his 20 fights, and he’s had high amounts of success during his time in Bellator. Borics, the first fighter to represent Hungary in the PFL, has 10 stoppages. Borics most recently challenged Patricio Pitbull for the Bellator featherweight championship at Bellator 286, losing via decision.


After finding success on the regional circuit, Enrique Barzola found plenty of success on a more global stage, coming into this fight with 20 wins and two draws in his 30 professional MMA fights thus far. An American Kickboxing Academy product, Barzola will have noteworthy size and reach advantages at 6’6”, with an 80-inch reach. Barzola most recently fought at Bellator 298, scoring a decision over Jaylon Bates.


Which of these two will get off to a hot start in the 2024 PFL featherweight season?



Round 1


Borics comes forward. Low kick from Barzola results in an early low blow on Borics. Brief pause. Borics works the left jab. Barzola misses a big overhand. Low kick from Borics. Left hand from Borics. Borics lands another left straight. Another hard low kick from Borics, and he knocks Barzola down! Barzola gets back up quickly, but he appears to be stunned. Borics keeps his distance as Barzola tries to come after him. Another left hand from Borics. Uppercut by Borics. Barzola shoots in but gets stopped, with Borics dumping him after grabbing his leg.



Uppercut by Borics, catching Barzola coming in. Left hand from Barzola. Another left hand catches Barzola’s attention. Barzola tries an uppercut. Borics continues to connect inside. Another left hand from Borics. After a brief pause in the action, Barzola stuns Borics with an uppercut! Barzola pressures Borics against the fence before taking him down. Borics returns to the feet, and Barzola returns the fight to the mat. Barzola trying to get hooks in as he gets to Borics’s back. Borics returns to the feet. Barzola tries to work him over with the right hand. Borics gets a few left punches in before the round’s end.




Round 2


Both men look to land jabs early. Borics with a low kick. Borics lands with the left hand again. Small combination from Borics. Borics continues to land the left. Barzola tries for a takedown attempt, but Borics shoves it off. Both men continue to work combinations. A left hand drops Barzola! Borics jumps in for the kill. Barzola gets back to his feet, but it seems his legs are gone from under him. Borics pressuring him, but Barzola clinches up as he tries to recover. Big right hand and a knee from Borics!



Borics goes in, but Barzola gets from behind and drags Borics down. Barzola gets to the back, but his attempt at a choke goes too high. Borics continues to land. Barzola level changes and scores a takedown. Barzola is looking to bring pressure. Barzola looks for an arm-triangle, but Borics gets out of it. Borics looks to return the pressure, but he slips while looking for a knee! Barzola gets back into top position and throws down some ground-and-pound.




Round 3


Borics works the left hand once again to start this final round. Borics lands a left hook that catches Barzola’s attention. Borics lands again. Barzola looks for a combination. Barzola landed a right hand that appeared to hurt Borics a bit. Barzola shoots in, but Borics stops the takedown attempt. One-two by Borics. Right hand from Barzola. Barzola throws a couple of left straights. Borics nearly catches Barzola with an uppercut. Overhand right by Barzola again.


Left hand from Barzola. Both land one-two combinations. One-two from Barzola, and Borics just misses the countershot. Borics lands a jab to the body that briefly gets Barzola off balance. Right hand from Borics. Both men land combinations on the inside. Borics lands a low kick. Overhand right again from Barzola. One-two from Borics. Left hand from Borics as he works combinations again. Borics stops another Barzola takedown attempt. Barzola grabs a leg and scores a takedown. Borics gets back to the feet and presses Barzola against the fence. Strong left hand from Borics. Barzola lands a knee. The bell sounds. What a fight!






Adam Borics defeats Enrique Barzola by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) in a featherweight regular season bout