In our second bout of the evening, two undefeated heavyweight prospects clash with a PFL contract on the line!  Abraham Bably won his PFL debut last August in his hometown of London.  Bably is adamant that he fights not just for himself, but for people around the world like him who grew up without opportunity and chances for upward mobility. A Brooklyn native, Hassan Graham earned his college degree on the back of a football scholarship before transitioning to MMA.  If there was ever any question about Graham’s heart, he once crashed his car in a snowstorm on the way to a fight and still made it two full hours to the fight and back in a car that was later declared totaled.


Round 1 


The fighters touch gloves and we are off as Bably opens with a heavy low kick.  Both fighters probe to find the range and Bably lands another heavy outside leg kick before throwing a left hook and changing levels, driving directly through Graham for the takedown.


Graham however does an excellent job using the whizzer to create the leverage he needed to get back to his feet and now Bably is grinding Graham out along the SmartCage, throwing a heavy knee to the midsection of Graham.


Bably attempts a takedown but can’t finish, quickly pummeling for double underhooks and driving Graham into the fence before finishing the takedown.  Bably lands two HEAVY right hands to a grounded Graham before smoothly taking the back and transitioning to mount halfway through the round.


With half a round to go, Graham is in trouble here as Bably rains down punches from the full mount.  Graham grabs a bodylock and is holding on for dear life to avoid taking damage, but Bably is able to posture up and resume doing damage.


With 90 seconds to go, Bably really opens up and lands a flurry of massive punches as the referee takes a close look.  Bably flattens Graham out and again goes to work with the ground and pound and the referee has seen enough! Abraham Bably gets the first round finish! 






Abraham Bably proves his PFL debut was no fluke and puts an absolute clobbering on Hassan Graham!


Abraham Bably def. Hassan Graham via 1st Round TKO (Punches, 3:56)