After an impressive run in the Brave CF promotion, Abdullah Al-Qahtani makes his U.S. debut, let alone his PFL debut, becoming the PFL’s first Saudi Arabian fighter. A self-described aggressive fighter with experience in wrestling and Muay Thai, Al-Qahtani suffered his first loss in September via split decision after starting his pro career with four straight wins.


Despite a couple of long stints away from the MMA cage since his professional MMA debut in 2016 — including a 33-month stretch that saw five straight canceled bouts between 2018 and 2020 — Lamar Brown is 4-1. Brown has won every fight since losing his professional debut and scored his first finish in his most recent fight, a technical submission of Chris Mims in May 2022. This will be Brown’s first fight as a featherweight after primarily fighting as a lightweight.


This will be a showcase bout, with both men looking to impress and catch more attention from the PFL officials and fanbase.



Round 1


Both men come to the center, and Brown starts to get a feel out with some kicks. Al-Qahtani fires off a jab before a small flurry. Brown goes in for a takedown, but Al-Qahtani stuffs it. Al-Qahtani gets in Brown’s guard, and Brown looks for an armbar. When it fails, Al-Qahtani gets to Brown’s back and fires off some ground-and-pound before Brown gets back to the feet. Al-Qahtani gets Brown back down, and while Brown gets to his feet, Al-Qahtani gets on Brown’s back and locks the hooks in. Al-Qahtani brings Brown down with a choke and scores the tap!



Al-Qahtani is magnificent in his PFL and American debut!





Abdullah Al-Qahtani defeats Lamar Brown by 1st round submission (1:35, rear-naked choke) in a PFL Featherweight Showcase bout


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